Games that you’re looking forward to in 2018

What games are you looking forward to that are coming out this year?

I’m looking forward to the bonus episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, which has yet to be released.

I might give Soul Calibur 6 a try since it looks to pay homeage to the Dreamcast original, which I enjoyed at the time (although my tastes have changed since then).

Apart from that, I’ll likely play games released in previous years, rather the new ones, unless something special comes out that I’ve overlooked. Lots of indie games came out in 2017 such as Inside and Finding Paradise which I haven’t tried or finished.

I’m excited for the Shadow of the Colossus and Secret of Mana remakes. I can’t wait to re-experience two of my all-time favorites!

Soul Calibur 6 looks promising. I had a hard time getting into the series’ last few entries, but as I see more footage of the new game, I’m increasingly interested.

Shenmue III is apparently still slated for release during the second half of this year, but I’m not holding my breath.

To be honest, though…I own so many unplayed games that every time I pick up something new, I hear my neglected Steam library calling my name. Hoping to try some of those and get myself caught up at least a little. I have a bunch of Saturn games I want to finish, too. Looks like my gaming schedule is packed just two days into 2018!

Well not too many aside from: Ni Nu Kuni 2, Project Octopath Traveler, and Shenmue 3…

@Aevelia I didn’t like the way they handled the Secret of Mana remake; it just looks like a cheap cell phone game imo. And the Shadow of the Colossus remake, to me, has lost the original Team ICO charm. I can’t bring myself to play it…

Which ones? There’s a few Saturn games that I’ve missed too, namely Shining Force III scenarios 2 and 3.

A good New Years resolution might be a go a year without buying any new games…

I have been thinking about this for a few days now and the only game that I would buy outright would be the Ori and the Will of the Wisps game announced last year or the announced Pillars of Eternity sequel. The only AAA game that I am interested in is Cyberpunk 2077.

The last AAA games I have bought and played were Witcher 3 (GoG) and Doom(Steam). As for Indies, I am playing Firewatch and Apotheon now.

I haven’t logged into steam since I purchased Sonic Mania. Games coming later that I might pick up are bound to be indie games, but not a lot of much else. I am contemplating trying to sell my Steam account as I don’t have near the time I used to and Valve can eat me until they learn to count to three. I would have done it earlier but I have so many games on Steam that I am not sure if I would get a fair value. With my lack of interest in anything new, I am looking forward to working through my large backlog on GoG.

This is what I want to play most, but I keep delaying it because of the time commitment. I think I’m going to start it after I finish Croc, which I’m currently attempting to 100% after having owned it for 20 years… Dragon Force, Policenauts, and Magic Knight Rayearth are some others I’m hoping to get to in 2018.

It sure would.

One indie game I’m really looking forward to trying is The First Tree. It came out last year, but I just recently picked it up during the winter sale.

You won’t be disappointed with this one. It has some beautiful 2D art. And well, you can’t go wrong with fast paced action rpg’s! It’s also a nice companion to the anime and tells the story really well, with that wonderful Working Designs translation.

I paid $70 for my copy but now looking at Ebay, it goes for close to $400 now!!! Just be glad you own it!

Do people have much success with that? I can imagine running into issues if you tried to change the real name associated with your account.

I have been waiting for the translation patch to come of age, however v19 was just realised and the developer says “it’s a good time to dive in if you’ve been holding off. The whole package is in really good shape.”

Which is brilliant.

As for me, my 2018 is going to be rammed with new releases alone:

February 6th - Shadow of the Colossus
March 23rd - A Way Out
March 27th - Far Cry 5
May 25th - Detroit: Become Human
June 12th - Jurassic World Evolution
August 14th - Walking Dead Season Four
August 21st - Shenmue I & II
September 7th - Spider-Man
September 12th - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
October 5th - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

And that’s not to mention the back catalog of games from the PS4 I’m looking at, Uncharted 1-4, Last Guardian, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Last of Us Remastered.

I’d also like to pickup the Metro Redux titles in preparation for Exodus, and if I’m getting my Dreamcast out to replay Shenmue I + II ready for Shenmue III I will also be playing the two games on there I never finished - Sega Rally 2 and Fur Fighters.

Damn, that makes me nostalgic for my old Dreamcast! I sold mine years ago. I have Shenmue 2 for Xbox and Skies of Arcadia Legends and Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for Gamecube now. I don’t own the first Shenmue anymore, but hopefully Sega will release a Shenmue HD collection!

Damn, that reminds me that my plan was to try and buy Skies next time I dug my Dreamcast out! It goes for so much money on eBay though…

Sega said they were investigating Shenmue HD rereleases but we’re limited by the product placement in the games (although I think this might be US/Jap only). Ideally I’d wait for these, because going from English voices in SI to Japanese in SII always jarred me.

You could also pick up the Xbox version of Shenmue II which does have English voices.

I have read there are less issues than you would expect. Evidently Valve is really bad at policing this and there are a lot of leeway with regards to changing account info. I don’t plan on selling it online. Hoping to extend feelers with people I know to find someone to sell it to in person. There is more risk on the buyers side as some people have bought accounts only to have it claimed stolen and the original owner reclaimed it. Either way, not a huge priority, I just feel like it doesn’t hold much value to me these days. I have something like 300 games on there and I haven’t even logged in in almost a year.

Skies of Arcadia arrived yesterday! Need to dig the Dreamcast out of the loft though…

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Man, Shining Force III is a masterpiece. I just beat all three scenarios a couple of months ago, its my second favorite game of all time behind Saga. I really hope you guys get the chance to play all three scenarios if you already haven’t.


FOr me, Monster Hunter World on PC, and possibly Soul Calibur 6 on PC. I don’t really find myself playing many “consoley” games in recent time…

One of my favourite games - I completed it all with the help of Sega Saturn Magazine back in the day!! I’m so jealous you’re able to play through it again :3

The Dreamcast has made its way down from the loft…