Friendly gesture #1: Hiya guys I'm new

Hiya ppl.

This is supposed to be an introduction about me but I dont know where to start.

Well lets just get to the point and say that I am a huge fan of the Panzer Dragoon games. My favourite is Saga but this may be because I havent yet played Orta due to lack of X-Box.

You have to put up with me saying so little in a post, but if you’re not bored then thank you for listening (or reading, or tasteing, or feeling, or whatever)

Hey there alter ego!

Welcome to TWOTA :slight_smile:


Hello! And welcome :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome, dude. Stick around and have some fun. :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome to the forum.


Hey, welcome to TWotA.


Hello! Hi!

Uh… Um… Okay, somebody give me another way to say “hello…”