"friend" websites

you know what i mean, myspace, hi5, bebo, multiply, orkut, faceparty, etc

what are your opinions on them? I have a hi5 account, i use it quite alot come to think of it. a LOT of people i know, and around london use it, so it kinda connects everyone, so i use it to see who’s around

however, on the whole, i don’t really like them. some people go really over the top with them, especially with myspace.

I have an orkut account (its joint with google/gmail) but its pretty boring, i have a myspace, but i never check it

so… just seeing what people do! I guess you could add livejournal to this list as i know a few people on here use that, although its more of a blog only thing.

I used to have a myspace, and a facebook, but eventually deleted both of them since I never used them. All in all, I can see where the appeal is, but i’m just not drawn into it at all.

I’ve had a test account on a few but deleted them almost right away. I’ve come to the realisation that I hate most of them. I just hate how people with no design sence or knowledge of website design tweak their layout to be ‘cool’ on them. (Most of those ‘cool’ layouts are so bad it about gives me seizures seeing them. cue 600 random flashing images) I’m very picky on what websites I like however.

I only have a facebook account. The only reason I use it is to keep in touch with my friends, especially my high school friends now that we’re all in college now.
Other than that, I have no real need for anything like myspace. And I also think people spend a bit too much time on that too

I’ve always found that those sorts of sites don’t put you in touch with the people you’d like to be in touch with, and let the kind of people you’d rather avoid get in touch with you. I feel that if I want to stay in touch with someone, I’ll pick up the phone and call them. I make a few exceptions to that, but for the most part, internet communication isn’t really my thing; especially through sites like myspace.

I tried myspace once, but I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t want to share my innermost feelings with random people, and the only messages I ever got were things like “Check out my band!”. Obviously somebody likes using them, but it isn’t me :slight_smile:

I can’t stand them, about half of all spam I get is stuff like "Join [person I don’t really Know] on Bebo. Plus, MySpace’s design is so shite it’s breathtaking.

I “use” Hi5 for sometime now.I don’t pay this kind of thing much importance myself but I found it a great way to find people I haven’t seen for some years now.And I don’t get spam either.

Of course not, you’re the Spam King, you only dish out the spam! =P

I use Livejournal to keep in touch with my international friends. That’s good enough for me!

I use the telephone, Skype and Messanger to keep in touch with people, not some half-assed ad-laiden emo-breeding buisness venture. I fail to see any attraction other than to laugh at stupid emo people.


Of course not, you’re the Spam King, you only dish out the spam! =P[/quote]

Let me see…if I reply to that it will probably be considered spam since I’m not actually beeing ontopic…if I don’t…


I hate the label “emo”. It has the connotation that being emotional is wrong.

I agree, but we’re stuck with it I’m afraid.

I dont think many people actually realize emo means emotional. But to be honest those ‘emotions’ emos display are way way exagerated. Its not wrong to be emotional but whining at people over the internet is just asking to be laughed at and I find it weird that people who are depressed feel the need to post it on the internet.

Myspace really really sucks though.

MySpace is today’s GeoCities/Angelfire/Tripod equivalent, except it’s now terribly easy to create your own web space. You can riddle your personal pages with countless photos, maintain a blog, music clips, cheesy backgrounds and ugly colour schemes.

You could do all this before, sure, but MySpace just makes it easier.

And with easiness comes mass-market attraction. It’s just too easy to do. And unfortunately, it’s also very easy to do it wrong. I think of MySpace as an ugly glob of personal crap filled in a wannabe-social network that makes you want to cry in despair.

Bad web pages aside, it’s the intertwined “community” that makes the whole ordeal less than appealing. It’s a nice idea, but the community’s appearance as displayed on each member’s page just makes it all seem very unprofessional and downright sloppy. Perhaps it’s the way countless numbers of comments are added to users’ blog posts, trickling down a bottomless web page with a non-scrolling, fixed-in-place background supporting horrible colour contrast, making the comments almost unreadable, with the only real message shouting out, “DO YOU HAVE A HEADACHE YET?” Music automatically playing upon page load also pisses me right off, especially when I’ve got my own tunes playing.

Even the initial registration sign-up process screams of viral spam. The site wants you to make friends, and they want you to put yourself out there as much as possible to make friends in return. Can you say annoying?

I only registered a MySpace account because I wanted to view a picture of a friend of mine. I couldn’t view it, though, because I wasn’t logged in. The want to view the picture was greater than holding onto my MySpace virginity, so I succumbed to the MySpace zombification process. I’ll give you two guesses as to what my username is.

As soon as I created my oh-so-special page, I noticed I had a “friend” by the name of Tom. Immediately I felt violated and invaded. “Who the hell is this guy?” I thought. So I clicked his ugly mug and viewed his God-forsaken profile. Blaring music and a comments list that made FireFox chug to keep up with all the crap didn’t alleviate my already scolding attitude towards the web site.

Turns out this Tom character is some admin or something of MySpace, and the MySpace team thought it would be a cool idea to make Tom become everyone’s friend. He’s so friendly that he’s got approximately 81-million “friends”. What a cool guy.

Anyways, I haven’t even gotten around to viewing my friend’s photo yet.

Bottom line is: MySpace sucks and is for newbs.

I’m prohibited from using LiveJournal. It’s, like, an unwritten law for me.

I don’t like myspace or anything like that for the sole fact that everybody I know is always hounding me over whether I have one or not and it gets annoying. That, and I don’t see what the appeal is AT ALL.

People have tried to explain it to me, and I still don’t get it. It doesn’t seem that great…

Myspace etc don’t appeal to me either but people who think only “emos” use it are wrong. It’s actually used widely by the mainstream, people who barely know how to use a PC, the average joe that thinks you are a geek just because you happen to know things about computers. A friend of mine got on there recently and from what I’ve seen her friends list comprises entirely of people who hook up @ this club n they just leave messages to each other there about when they’ll be going to the club again and what not, sharing photos from their outings etc… Definitely not the emo types at all, just average every day people.

I think it’s the same type of misconception (sp?) people have with IRC, thinking it’s some sort of serious system that only experienced people use, when in fact it’s used daily by millions of average joes from net cafes, from their class, maybe even from home if they happen to not have anything better to do for a while.

The only people I know in ‘real life’ who use it are emos or turn into emos after using it for a few months.

Stop hanging out with emos then :stuck_out_tongue: