Forum Member with the Best Avatar Vote-Off

Three days to vote.

Can I vote?

You can vote for TSE =P

Seriously though, there’s no way I can make sure no one cheats. I’ll just have to trust you.

I was serious about my question.I mean, there IS the possibility that one of us thinks the other has better avatars you know?

So can I or can’t I?

You cannot vote for yourself. You can vote in the poll though.

gehn uses avatars of me! Nothing can beat that!

Me? Best avie finalist?? o.0

So the cute-pussy-cat trick did work…

…anyone who doesn’t like Reala is teh 64yz0r

English please?

The l33tsp33k translatatron 40k says:

Anyone who doesn’t like Reala is gay.

yeah that avatar is excellent… it makes me wanna work on my NiGHTS site… :’(

The NiGHTOPIA forums have shrivelled up and died.

What little people were left have buggered off to lord_grahf’s site, where they’re working on a fan game apparently O_O

Scott, could we see an update for the summer perhaps?

There’s a lot of stuff you need to upload.