Formula One at Regent Street

Well, Formula one cars were racing down regent street as you may know today (or yesterday as i post this - 12:18am) ( for info)

Got a good spot on a bend, EXCELLENT!!!

Anyways, after the race me and my mate (who was watching the races) met up with my bro and two of his friends (that were girls) and we all headed down to pall mall.

Big crowd was that, i was with one of my bro’s mates and I saw my original friend jump over a fence into the crowd. I didn’t want to leave my bro’s friend there and run off over a fence, so i stayed, and assumed he would just be back later…

So now we are all (minus my friend) walking towards westminster station, so i ring him, he says “I’m at the front of the crowd, literally a meter away from the cars!!”

I am amazed, but wait. I get home ring him: quiet tone “I’m inside i’ve pretended to be a steward talk to you later”


When he gets back he knocked for me. He tells me what happened.

after being there firstly he bought a hat off one of the event safety people for ?3. Then someone gave him a boost over a fence then he crawled through some bushes, and came out where loads of girls were having dinner. My mate jumps up suprised only to say "hello"
They are all like "…hello…"
friend "errr just here to see Jenson!"
woman: “he is gone”
“are you sure”
“yes i’m his girlfriend now get out of here before we call security”

So went back, over the fence again where security were standing. They started talking to him but he was just saying “i’m getting out not going in don’t worry” so they just let him.

Then he walked down the street to find orange overalls the security was wearing! Police were all around but he managed to get one. ran down the street where not many ppl were and put it on went back to the even and the guys just let him in. He was taking loads of pictures of all the cars and stuff! The 2 seater F1 car, etc. Then people started to realise he wasn’t a steward and someone confronted him. My mate eventually lost his stuff (still had the hat tho)

Went back to the box where he got the clothes but it was empty. So he went back thinking how to get in, kid comes up to him "Can i have a hat like yours?"
friend thinks great! "THIS KID WANTS A HAT"
other guy "why don’t you give him your hat??"
friend can’t think fast enough so gives him the hat. Now goes heading towards the back “can i get in to get another hat” (bearing in mind he looked completely normal now) he wasn’t let back in…

Oh well, at least he got pics! But: black and white camera ;_;

Lucky git, wish i went with him now. Anyone else go to Regent Street?

I never understood what’s so great in watching car sports.

I mean you get a spot and see them pass.What’s so thrilling about that?

The sound! the speed! Its amazing!

They’re on about maybe having a Monaco style street race in London for the F1 cars. That would be so fucking sweet. In my opinion Formula One is a very untapped market still.