For the hell of it... my games wish-list :)

NB This doesn’t distinguish between games I’ve played and no longer have access to, and games I just want to try - but I’ve noticed that games I feel nostalgic enough about to mention at all tend to get a higher proportion of 2 and 3 star ratings.

(M) = Primarily multiplayer interest
(M+) Multi and single player interest

  • Would really like to get
    ** Definitely plan to get eventually
    *** Am dying to get!


Alien vs Predator (M) *
Allegiance **
Alpha Centauri (M+?) *
Another World *
Arx Fatalis **

Baldur?s Gate I (+ Expansion) ***
Baldur?s Gate II (+ Throne of Baal) ***
Battlezone II (M+) ***
Beneath a Steel Sky **
Bioforge *
Black & White (M+) **
Bomberman (any decent version) (M) **
Burning Rangers *

Captain Blood *
Chaos Engine (M) **
Chronomaster **
City of Heroes (M) *
Command & Conquer Generals *
Crusader: No Regret **
Crusader: No Remorse *
Cyborg Justice (M+) **

Daggerfall *
Dark Reign *
Day of the Tentacle ***
Daytona USA (arcade version) (M+) **
Deus Ex ***
The Dig **
Divine Divinity **
Dune RTS latest version **
Dungeon Keeper *
Dungeon Siege (M+) *
Dynamite Headdy *

Earth 2150 + sequel (M+) **
Enemy Zero **
Eternal Champions CD (M) **

F-Zero (N64/Gamecube version) (M) **
Fade to Black *
Fallout **
Fantastic Dizzy **
Final Fight (M+) **
Flashback *
Freedom Force (M+) **
Freespace II? (M+) ***
Full Throttle **

Gauntlet (decent 4 player version) (M) **
Golvellius *
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City *
Grim Fandango **

Hardwar (M+) ***
Herzog Zwei *
Hired Guns (M+) *
Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy - text adventure *
Homeworld I & II (M+) **

Icewind Dale I **
Icewind Dale II **

Jagged Alliance I *
Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games (M) **
Jagged Alliance II ***
Jungle Strike ***

K240 (or update version) **
Kings Quest VI *
Kings Quest VII *

Laser Squad Nemesis (M) *
Little Big Adventure 1 ***
Little Big Adventure 2 ***
The Longest Journey *
Loom *
Lords of Magic: Special Edition ***
Lost Vikings **
Lost Vikings 2 Norse by Norsewest **
Lure of the Temptress **

Magic & Mayhem (M) **
Magic Carpet (M+) **
Master of Magic *
Master of Orion *
Master of Orion II **
Megalomania *
Monkey Island 3 & 4 ***
Morrowind (M+) *

Neverwinter Nights (+ Horde of the Underdark) (M+) *
Nights *

Outcast ***

Panzer Dragoon Orta **
Panzer Dragoon Saga **
Planet?s Edge ***
Populous II (M+) *
Powermonger (M+?) *
Privateer *
Privateer II **
Puyo Puyo (M) **
Pyrotechnica ***

Quake (for Quake Done Quick - or faster version) **

Radiant Silvergun (M+) *
Red Zone *
Resident Evil Code Veronica **
Road Rash I-III (M+) ***
Rome: Total War (M+) **

Sacrifice (M+) ***
Sam & Max (sequel?) *
Sanitarium **
Shadowrun (SNES & Megadrive versions) **
Shenmue II *
Silent Hill 2 **
Silent Hill 3 **
Silhouette Mirage **
Skies of Arcadia ***
Snatchers ***
Sonic 2 (M+) **
Sonic 3 with Sonic & Knuckles (M+) **
Sonic Spinball *
Space Hulk (PC version) *
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels **
Speedball 2 (M+) *
Spellcaster ***
Spiderman (Master System version) **
Spiderman (Playstation versions) **
Spikeout (M+) *
Spy vs Spy (M) ***
Star Control 2 ***
Stars! (M) ***
Streets of Rage III (M+) ***
Streetfighter II WW (M+) ***
Sub Terrania ***
Super Mario Brothers 2 *
Super Mario Brothers 3 (M+) *
Super Streetfighter II (M+) ***
Supreme Commander (M+) **
Syndicate Wars (M+?) **
System Shock **
System Shock II (M+) ***

Teen Agent *
Tenchu: Stealth Assassin ***
Theme Park **
Thief I **
Thief II **
Thief III **
Threat (full version) (M) ***
Total Annihilation & CC (M) **
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (+ Iron Plague) (M+) **
Treasure Island Dizzy **
Tribes 2 (M) ***

UFO: Enemy Unknown *
Urban Strike **

Virtua Fighter Evolution (M) ***
Virtual On: Oratio Tangram (M) ***

Warcraft III (M+) **
Wipeout (later versions) (M) **

XCOM: Apocalypse (M+?) **
XCOM Interceptor *


I may need to update this soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I can count with two hands the games I now I should have played by now :

Grim Fandango
Skies of Arcadia
Blood Omen 1 (i tried looking everywhere for a copy of this)
Shenmue 1
Guardian Heroes
Shining Force III
Virtua Fighter 4 (trying to convince my cousin to get it)
Syberia I and II
ICO (trying to convince my cousin to get it)

I really want all of these.

I’d also recommend replaying “Kid Chameleon” and seeing if you can complete it. It’s hard, especially by today’s standards.

You can still buy Skies of Arcadia for the GC (with extras). It’s pretty cool. See if you can borrow a GC and maybe borrow a copy of the game to play it a while.

Rez…yeah, I wanna play that too, just to see what it’s like.

Streets of Rage…I miss SoR 2, and I never got to play 3. I keep looking for them in the retro section in the local games shops.

Battlezone 2? Are you joking? shudder

You can download a freeware copy of the game from this site:

I’ve tried it and it works fine, although there’s a few things that you need to do to get it running. You’ll need a program called BitTorrent to download it as well.

By the way, if anyone here is thinking of getting the Dreamcast version of Rez: Beware! The game doesn’t run on some older Dreamcasts (I found out the hard way), so unless you own a reasonably new Dreamcast, you’d be better off getting the PS2 version (which apparantly has a smoother framerate, but doesn’t look quite as nice).

There’s also a non bit torrent version.Thanx Solo :slight_smile:

Do you know if this has the FMVs?Because I had a complete BO1 version without the FMV’s.The FMV’s play the best part since the dialogue and plot are the best parts of the series.

I have no idea… I haven’t seen any movies in it so far, but I only tried it out to see if it worked. Was the copy that you had bigger or smaller than 88megs? If it was the same size then this is probably the one without the FMVs.

I don’t really remember where I got it from nor how large the file was really.

I still haven’t bought a copy of Rez. I’m waiting to pounce on a cheap copy.

I might want to hold out for Black & White 2 if I were you, the original, brilliant as it may be, contains a few glitches in things like the creature AI that can sort of ruin your day. >.> As an example if your creature goes to eat fish (yes, fish) on it’s own accord it will actually lose points on the morale-o-meter and slip towards the evil side. Which can be quite frustrating if you spent a few hours teaching your pet to be good and you leave it alone to attend to other devine business and when you return it seems to have reverted back to being the rascal it first was simply because it figured that the ocean and it’s fish was the nearest food source.[/end rant]

Also, there’s a well-known glitch in B&W that causes it to not run on certain randomly selected Windows XP machines (including mine) :anjou_angry: .

Hmmm, interesting list. I have a tonne of older games I wanna get my hands on, too, such as:

Phantasy Star 4
Gun Griffon
Dark Saviour
Lunar (1 and/or 2)
Deus Ex

To name a few I can think of off the top of my head.

I used to have Another World and Flashback when I was younger. :anjou_love: I remember liking them both, although I never got very far in either of them. I think I ended up trading in my copy of flashback for some reason, but I have no idea what happened to my copy of Another World, I might still have it somewhere…

You can download easily more than half of those games from

The problem with Underdogs is a lot of their games, once downloaded, just give error messages.

Arcie, I tried an emulated version of Kid Chameleon a while back out of curiousity, but I didn’t find it very interesting.

I’d like to try GC Skies, but a large part of the attraction of the original was the music, and I hear it’s a lot worse in the GC version.

SOR3 got criticised for being too similar to 2 in the reviews I saw, but as I remember it, it did a good job of being less repetitive than 2. It was a bit buggy, but not seriously so, and there were a lot of interesting features which made 2 seem kinda dull when I went back to it afterwards. Max is better than Zan, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Bluefoot, what’s wrong with Battlezone II? I only played it very briefly on a friend’s PC, but I found the storyline pretty compelling - and I played the original (well, the original remake) and enjoyed it a lot. It had some serious flaws, but I figured they’d mostly be ironed out for the sequel.

Pedro, that does sound pretty irritating, but it could be years before I get a PC that’ll run B&W 2 - if it ever comes out.

Re: 16 bit games in general, a lot are available on Underdogs, otherwise big-name games like Another World, Flashback, SOR3 etc. should be relatively easy to find ROMS for.

There’s a patch available for Black & White that fixes a lot of problems with it. Not sure if it fixes the ones mentioned, but it’s worth a try if you haven’t done so already. There are only a few games I want… Skies… Sonic CD… And… Uh… That’s all.

I had a dream last night that I woke up in my room and found copies of Sonic CD and Phantasy Star 4 on my games shelf. But I didn’t have the consoles to play them on. That was one weird dream…

That’s it, no more late night game review reading for you young man!

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The first Battlezone (not the FIRST Battlezone, but you get the idea) was spectacular. One of my favorite games of all time. Unfortunately, every single review I’ve ever read of the sequel has panned it. Apparently it’s a complete piece of crap. As a result I’ve never played it, and I would recommend that you save your money.

Do you remember why? IIRC I played about 2 or 3 levels (or maybe 2 or 3 missions on one level), but it seemed more or less what I would’ve expected.

Personally id say;

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Doom 3

Steel Battalion

Thats my list, kinda short lol