Final Fantasy VII

Hi I was looking at a few reviews for PD Saga and noticed it was compared to Final Fantasy VII so I wondered, what makes Final Fantasy VII so special? I’ve heard a lot of people say its the best in the series so I was wondering what you thought of it.

Edit: For those who read this after I add this edit the post originally said What makes this game so special? After some confusion I changed the original post to make more sense :anjou_happy:

Panzer Dragoon Saga totally annihilates Final Fantasy VII (or any other RPG for that matter) simply because:

  • it keeps your interest from beginning to end…and when you do reach the end, you wish it wasn’t over.

  • the story is emphasized above all else (and what a wonderful story it is!)

  • the music is fantastic and fits the environments perfectly.

  • every character in the game is voiced - even NPCs (that was unheard of at the time)

  • the artwork is phenomenal

  • the ingenius battle system is still the best ever

To put it simply, this game is the best game ever created…period.

…And yet he asked to know about FFVII…

Uh, no he didn’t. Do you even know the English language?

Actually it could be taken both ways in his post… And since he already read the reviews of it and already wants it badly as his sig implies, I assumed he wanted to know more about FFVII, which many fanb… ahem, people, say is the best of its series.

I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that asking the question in The Seekers’ Stronghold was a mistake as well though :anjou_sigh:

Recently I tried playing Final Fantasy VII. The two games are NOT comparable. FFVII is woeful, and I really do mean that. Admittedly I didn’t get past disc one, but that’s because I found the gameplay dull and repetitive.

I can’t really judge the story because I didn’t see much of it, but what I did see wasn’t too bad. Obviously I played and finished PDS numerous times, so a comparison wouldn’t be fair here.

The main characters in FFVII are pretty well thought out and seem to have fleshed out backgrounds. The same with PDS, but there are less main characters so each seems to get more screen time.

Sound. FFVII’s sound is so 16bit-era. It’s not even proper music, it’s just simple and midi-like. Sort’ve like the poly ring tones on mobile phones nowadays (well, a bit better quality, but you get my drift). I’m sure I needn’t go on about how PDS’ music is just fucking awesome.

The graphics aren’t too bad but I hate the whole ‘moving through a static screen’ gameplay. It’s just boring. The towns people are dull and you don’t feel like there’s any reason to talk to them unless you have to. PDS’ outdoor walking sections are so much more liberating and free. The inhabitants are a lot more developed and you generally want to talk to everyone. That’s a big plus for PDS over FFVII.

The battle system in FFVII really does my head in. I found controlling characters in battle to be clunky and unimaginitive. Seems like there was no thought put into how to make the battles fun. Whereas in PDS, battles are a lot more stratigic, what with the positioning and gauge-system. The random battles in PDS aren’t something you just want to skip all the time.

I’m sure in many past comparisons, people have slavered about how much longer than PDS FFVII is. It’s true, but PDS is vastly superior technically. PDS is full 3D, FFVII isn’t (Or at least, not in my view). Graphically, everything is more detailled in PDS, that’s why it’s a shorter game on four discs than FFVII on three. Quality always wins out over quantity though.

One last, important thing: The art design in PDS is second to none. The art design in FFVII is second to hundreds.

If you really must play a game that’s like FFVII, make it Shining Force III. Everything FFVII does wrong, SFIII does right.

FF7 is, hands down, the most over-rated game ever. Seriously, it’s shite shite shite.

PDS’ advantages over FF7 include:

-Being good (It’s my favourtite game)

-Having a good and original art direction (it is the most visualy appealing game I’ve ever played)

-Having good music (best game music ever, hands down)

-not having an unspeakably appauling story (almost unheard of in the RPG genre!!!)(It’s a great story without unnecesary twists and stupid pointless emo characters with stupid dark pasts)

-the battle system is original, fun and feels more like realtime

-the graphics are much much better, it’s in proper 3D, not crappy pre-rendered backgrounds

And much much more.

Seriously, PDS is better than FF7 in EVERY way, which isn’t hard as FF7 is a fucking shite game.


I was asking about FFVII actually, sorry to those who took it the wrong way and thought I was asking about Saga and I totally with Katamose Saga is the perfect game and reading your posts it sounds like FFVII sucks and I’m not surprised after playing FFX for 10 seconds at a mates house and hating it. Thanks anyway guys!

I agree that FF7 is not the best thing since sliced bread. But this forum is by definition going to be full of PDS fanboys, so it’s only natural that the game will get a panning here.

Anybody who isn’t a PDS fanboy hasn’t played this game :anjou_happy:

now THAT is a very fanboy statement but I stand by it.

I’m not a PDS fanboy. Tis my favourite game but that doesn’t make me a fanboy. I’d think the same of FFVII even if I’d never played PDS. Just for the record.

Well, I apologize to Alexander for being able to see through that confusing wording when I could not. My apologies.

and I apologize for that confusing wording :anjou_happy:


Anybody who isn’t a PDS fanboy hasn’t played this game :anjou_happy:

now THAT is a very fanboy statement but I stand by it.[/quote]

I’ve been playing PDS since 1998 but I’m sure as hell no fangirl. “Fanboy/girl” to me implies somebody who loves a game so much that they are completely blinded to all it’s flaws, and will mindlessly state that it is better than anything else in every way, regardless of whether that is true or not.

As an example - the Saturn is my favourite console of all time, but that doesn’t mean that I sit here spouting rubbish like “Viruta Fighter 1 looks better than Tekken 3” when that clearly isn’t true.

I’m actually still very curious about playing FF VII.Something tells me it’s a great game regardless of what some people say.

And yeah I agree with you Kimimi.

FFVII is great fun. It doesn’t have a deep storyline but it’s entertaining to say the least. The characters are nice, if cliched, and there’s various neat plot twists during the course of the game.

The battle system is also entertaining, the best battle system seen in the FF series aside from FF Tactics. The materia concept is genious.

The most fun aspect is, imo, that despite being a very linear game (like most all Japanese RPGs) you still get the chance to explore the overword, spend time playing various mini games (including chocobo breeding and racing!), find hidden areas, new materia, and all sorts of things.

Basically it’s the only Japanese RPG that I kept playing for many many hours after I had finished it since there were still many things left to do (and it was still fun, not mundane tasks).

So, imo, what it lacks in depth of storyline, music, and whatever else one may think of, it makes up for by simply being entertaining and long lasting.

I think most people hate it just because it’s so overrated, not because it really is a bad game or anything close to that.

FF7 is utter tripe imo ,
What any RPG’s needs is a good story and a set of characters you care about, FF7 had nither.

Its along with MGS II the most overrated game of all time . Lunar is what you call a RPG and still remains the best RPG I’ve played

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]FF7 is utter tripe imo ,
What any RPG’s needs is a good story and a set of characters you care about, FF7 had nither.

Its along with MGS II the most overrated game of all time . Lunar is what you call a RPG and still remains the best RPG I’ve played[/quote]

Lunar the Silver Star or Lunar II: Eternal Blue? If you chose the former, I would definitely have to disagree…the game was cliched ‘tripe’. Lunar II, on the hand, had a very deep storyline, and two very satisfying endings. Lunar II was what Lunar the Silver Star should have been, but didn’t even come close. Good stuff overall, though - Lunar II definitely ranks up in the top 5 RPGs of all time, but certainly isn’t #1 (we all know what game that spot is reserved for)


My favorite FF is FF10. It had a great story lovable well fleshed out characters that you actually cared for. FF7 was just too depressing for me, especially the music. I also disliked FF8 and FF9. Although, I am looking forward to FF12, because random battles are becoming quite sickening to me and FF12 will have none. Yay! :anjou_happy: