Feliz Natal!

Merray Christmas you PD fan you!Yes, I’m talking about you, you unfaithful lurking poster! Even though you haven’t posted here as much as you should (back in the old days) I still wish you a jolly good time this season.

Maybe as a new years resolution you will help bring life to this forum of ours which seems to be slowing it’s pace as of late.

Takutaku mia suos and merry xmas once agehn! :anjou_happy:

Merry Christmas, Gehn.:anjou_happy:

I think it’s due to the fact that there isn’t a lot left to talk about (relating to Panzer Dragoon) which has slowed these boards down. If you make some interesting topics, I’m sure at least a few people will reply though. I wouldn’t mind a good discussion about Panzer’s storyline again if only I could think of something to say that we haven’t already covered.

Merry Christmas.

And yeah, I agree with Solo. I guess we simply need Sega to make another title so that we have something more to talk about. Orta didn’t seem to spark up that much discussion in the end. I guess we need something with more storyline and lore than that. Not necessarily an RPG, it could be anything as long as it offered an in-depth look in some interesting characters, the Ancients’ technology and ruins, or the world in general. I’d play anything at this point, action, adventure, strategy puzzle(!)… Need more…

Merry Christmas to all here from me to.

I shall try and do my bit to put these forums back to life, even though this is only my second post. Anyways I’m away to start a new topic as part of this new resolve.

Buh byes!

Merry Xmas, Gehn, Solo, Al3x, new dude… and anyone else!

And I know I promised it long ago Solo Wing, but I got interested in my theory again and it actually ‘feels’ close to done now. It’s good I was able to retrieve it from PM log too, I may or may not have been able to recover off old PC’s HD, which got too “buggy”… and I mean literally, it was attacked by ants.

Greetings waoko, and don’t be shy if you have any PD related notions to share.

Merry Christmas all! :anjou_love: I hope everyone had an awesome holiday!

Great :anjou_happy: