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You guys seen the video for the latest Gorillaz song? Anyone else find it reminiscent of a certain Dreamcast RPG?

I’ve seen that video…but I never had a Dreamcast nor did I want one so I wouldn’t know.

it kinda looked like parts of sonic adventure =S
explain yourself jinx :anjou_love:

Heh, it’s obviously not as striking as I thought.

It reminded me a lot of Skies of Arcadia. Ok, so there was only one floating island, and a tower that (IIRC) leads up from an inhabited ground, but still. Floating island! I suppose I found the hazy sentiment that freedom is found in the clouds left quite a powerful impression in each.

Floating Island: Angel Island
Windmills in te sky… Windy Vally
And when that huge island comes into the screen, it looks like the egg carrier!

Sonic Adventure for me =P

Dear Imperial soilder,

Do you like Sonic the Hedgehog, CAUSE I KNOW I LOVE IT!!! :anjou_love:
Do you think you can help me figure out Panzer Dragoon story line?? Because im confused… :anjou_embarassed:

                        Dragon Master03

haha, never been refered to by my rank before…
and you might be better off asking your other question in the seekers’ stronghold.

P.S - yes, Sonic is cool =)

Sorry Scott, when i wrote that, i just logged on and so i had no stinkin cule wht the heck i was doing. and thanks for the help. :anjou_happy: