Favourite Cartoon?

Ok, forum is dying faster than Eastender’s ratings, so what’s your favourite cartoon? I don’t mean 18+ anime, I mean a cartoon. Like Dexter’s Lab. Or Shin Chan. Or even Teen Titans.

Mine’s is Dangermouse.

Dangermouse… I vaguely remember watching that way back. I can’t remember anything about the plot at all, however.

I’ve never really been a big TV watcher… I’ve always prefered games, or a good movie. So I’d probably go with the Sonic cartoon, although its been ages since I’ve seen any episodes of it.

Currently? The Powerpuff Girls, and that’s aging fast. I’d say Astro Boy, but I keep forgetting to tune in. But what few episodes I saw blew my mind.

From yesteryear? Mysterious Cities of Gold is/was my all time fave.

o_O Somebody actually remembers Eastenders? shudders

It would have to be the Simpsons, it has always entertained me.

And when I can watch it, Family Guy.

Current ones:
The Simpsons

Old ones:
Classic Superman cartoon - it’s got a certain charm in it since it was “young” and has a kind of “innocence”…

It shows a lot about that era’s general attitude imo and isn’t just made to look cool and have a ton of action like today’s superhero toons, it actually look like they tried to show interesting plots in a lot of the episodes - sometimes they even succeeded :slight_smile:

I suppose it’s nostalgia more than anything that makes me still watch this though…

Remembers? o.o It still shows on British TV o.O

Family Guy/Futurama/ South Park (Although I suppose that’s a 17+ as well :P)

The first person to say Spongebob Squarepants gets my foot up their ass.

Seriously :expressionless:

The Simpsons undoubtedly. But then again, that’s the only cartoon that I ever really watch anymore…

The Simpsons is my cartoon of choice too; it’s about the only cartoon shown on TV while I’m at home and awake. (Futurama’s great too though, when it’s on.)

I completely forgot about the Simpsons when I posted before… so I’d go with that show instead. I think the attraction to the show is due to the fact that it makes fun of the stereotypical westernised family/community, but still manages to keep it funny and fresh.

Ive stopped giving a care about the simpsons. I think its gone for too long and is struggling to oofer anything new in the way of characters and situations and the like. i mean the family formula is sorta getting tired i spose.
however saying that, im a bit hypocritical because im quite fond of Family Guy.
Futurama also rates highly.
as for nostalgia value the trophy goes to Transformers (Generation1)

That’s actually quite funny, because I kinda like the Simpsons with one big exception: Homer. He’s too near the truth of fat, ignorant americans to be funny for me. Case in point: “Homer’s Enemy”. He just doesn’t take the hint, because he’s so stupid.

Maybe I just need to lighten up.

Samurai Jack,

even though they don’t play it on cartoon network anymore ( i don’t think). But you can still get season 1 on dvd. I just love the art style in that cartoon.

At the moment, it’s Invader Zim, or fairly odd parents.
I love them.

I’ll just list my top 5, it’s easier.

  1. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
  2. Teen Titans
  3. Aqua Teen HUnger Force
  4. Powerpuff Girls
  5. Sealab 2021


The first person to say Spongebob Squarepants gets my foot up their ass.

Seriously :|[/quote]


Anyway, I always was partial toward shows that are really, really immature. Lilo and Stitch the series, for example, is really immature, but Stitch is adorable… How can you not like a blue snarling ball of fur and snot?

I love The Simpsons (althought the plots seem to have been going down hill recently), Invader Zim which is brilliant, but it’s hardly ever on and I remember loving the original Transformers series when i was younger and I still sometimes watch the movie for the retro value… which is sad, i’ll admit.



The first person to say Spongebob Squarepants gets my foot up their ass.

Seriously :|[/quote]


Spongebob is great, you just have to play “find the joke” there’s one hidden in almost every episode!

I’ve also stopped caring about cartoons a long time ago…

But, yeah Simpsons is class.

Faves are probably the old ones… Duneons and Dragons, Real Ghostbusters, MCOG, U31 etc.