Favorite Dragon Type Discussion

today while building out of season erotic ice sculptures i thought to myself: we all love lagi but what form do we love him in most? is it for his power? or is it for his style? does our selection speak of how we as riders use lagi? does it also coincide with some other aspect of our personality? can knowing this information better society in general? maybe not, but it’s worth a try… ok maybe not that either, but we’re going to try anyway. list any others that you especially like, even if they are not your favorite.

let me direct you to
panzer-dragoon.com/jpn/galle … on1024.jpg
if you can’t remember all the forms.

it won’t let me have all the poll options i wanted :frowning: i was going to have the 5 types from PDS and the salamander/dragon pup, but it says NO.

for me it’s sky dart; amazing agility, a great shot and great lasers, and it can do a loop-de-loop. when i first saw lagi turn into Skydart, i was like “what the freak am i riding!? this is so cool!”

runner ups are…

solo wing - classic, great all round
heavy wing - i liked the wings of the early versions, but he starts lookin a little weird at level 4-5

Excuse me, where is the Lightwing? We all know how much it r0xx. But anyways I voted for the Skydart cuz I remembered it did look pretty cool.

Armonite was the first “secret” dragon form I got in PDZ, so it’s always held a special place in my heart. It has the best tail animation, for some reason.

Glideling is just brutal.Great colors and it has a beutiful head.

It’s just awesome, and the first PD dragon I ever saw [SegaFlash 2] :slight_smile:

My personal favorite is the Panzer Wing, that one is always a subject in my pics.
Although I did not really care for the dragon designs in Orta, he designs in Zwei and Saga were really wonderful to behold, even the simple shape of the basic wing kept me looking at it, the strange position of its wings which is something that I really adore to its tail, kept nice and short for nice balance.
I could probably go into detail about every dragon type, what I adore about their shapes, any dislikes and so forth. I truly like these dragon designs because they are much realistic to a dragon then I have seen elsewhere, it makes the form of a dragon possible I think anyways.

Just to clarify : I like Eye Wing and the Dark Dragon best of all.But those were not on the list.

I can’t pick a favorite. They’re all cool :slight_smile:

I voted Armonite but the Dark Dragon form is the best Dragon design for me.

there could only be 10 poll options :frowning: and this was just about lagi, not all the dragons. though i also thought the dark dragon’s design was cool, and atolm, and the guardian dragon :slight_smile:

only 1 day left to vote!!!

You played PDS?Solo Wing = Windrider + Blue Dragon + Dark Dragon + Skydart + Brigadewing.

yeah i forgot, i thought he meant the bad guy from PD1 :slight_smile:

Yes that’s Darky.

But the Spiritual Class of the Solo Wing Dragon is also Darky.

i know, i just forgot!!!


i had listed all the types i could think of, but it said i tried to post too many options… so i had to start subtracting dragons :frowning: should i make another poll and take out Hatchling, Windrider, Brigadewing, Glide Wing, and Heavy Wing since those don’t seem very popular and make room for the PDS classes?

Maybe you could do 2 polls.One for Zwei/Eins dragons and other for Saga ones (except Solowing class) :slight_smile:

i have a feeling something would smite me :frowning:

maybe you should do it :slight_smile:

i think it’s cool when drones stand on their dragons!! :smiley:

Common everyone here’s a nice guy…

stares at the shades at the end of the dark room…

You do it :slight_smile:
Twas your idea.


Armonite fans unite!

Armonite. grins wide

bluefoot you make me cry :frowning:

heh… heh… heh…