Exams sux0r

Not a good day. Had my final exam today (maths c4)

It went… pretty bad =(

I was going for a low A but now i don’t know if i can scrape a B - the B that i need to get into uni =(

How do i feel?

I don’t want my life to be held back a year =\

But just wondering, how has everyone elses exams gone? If you been doing them that is!

(Pass mark is 40%)

33229 Society And Space Pass 47 (w00t!, didn’t think I’d pass this)

ES201 Romanticism And Modernism Pass 58

ES204 Scottish Literature:Twentieth Century Perspectives Pass 57

GS203 Social Research: Geography Pass 63

GS207 Transitions In The New Europe Fail 37 (I already knew about this, resit coming up)

Well I still have two exams left.Even tho I don’t know exactly how I faired in my Math exam (whish I did 2 weeks ago) I know now I will only get a 13 out of 20 :anjou_disappointment: I never was a examnervous guy before but that day I did so many obvious things wrong…

Anyways I promised myself I would get a top notch grade at Physics.I’ve been studying myself dead recently.

Well Scott I can tell that beeingheld back can be pretty frustrating in some aspects but it did thought me something : how to study.

I never had method before, not until now anyways.For the first time in my life I’m actually studying.God knows (and i don’t mean to brag) I could have been a straight A student if I even read a bit of the manual once in a while.

Anyways, one year after, it appears Ill be entering college.Unfortunately for me for the first time in my life I’m not so sure I want computer engineering.

sighBut i shouldn’t worry about this things right now.I will once I finish my exams.

I’m in my third year of uni, and this week is my exam week for the end of the first semester. I’m studying towards a “Bachelor of Information and Communications Technologies,” which is just a bunch of random computer stuff thrown into a three-year degree.

My first of four exams happened on Monday, and it went better than I thought it would (was really, really worried about it). Dunno if I’ll pass it or not. I have a feeling I will, but ugh. It was on a really vague subject of system modelling, covering some really foul areas that are nothing but weird theory. Worst subject out of the four so far.

Second exam happened on Tuesday, which was on databases, and that was incredibly easy. I’m dead sure I’ll pass.

Third and fourth exams happen tomorrow (Friday): accounting and object-oriented programming theory. The OO exam should be easy, once I get around to studying for it tonight. The accounting one will be sort of iffy. That actually requires me to learn and remember how to perform certain equations to get certain results to get marks to get a pass for the paper. I hate being forced to study (I’m forcing myself, but bleh).

On top of all this, I’ve had a cold all week. It was at its worst on Monday, a few hours before the exam, but luckily I got better. I’m almost over it now, but it certainly doesn’t help with the studying, nor the sitting of exams. My exams have a pass requirement rate of 50%. The last two years that I’ve been doing these test and exams, the pass rate has been 80%. Only this year its 50%, and believe me, that’s a helluvalot easier than 80%.

And then three weeks off after tomorrow!

[size=150]THE DESTRUCTION IS NIGH![/size]