Exam question

There are no countries in the world anymore with a population who can say that they are truly from their own land and country.


As I told Arcie on ICQ when he questioned my Englishness:

“Being english isn’t about where your parents were born, or where their parents were born, its about where you were born, and about what you believe in”

I was born in England. I look around and I see England. Everything I have has been given to me by England (Any smartass who says “but your PC was made in China and your shoes were made in Bangladesh” need to understand where I’m coming from before they open their mouths again).

Arc said that I have french and norse blood in me… which is true… but does that alter where I was born? What I believe in? What do you think? =P

I’m portuguese and you can tell if a person is portuguese or not very easily.

Yeah, they usually have multiple identities :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Norman blood running through my veins, and the Normans weren’t French.

In the past when one civilisation has conquered another, the victor claimed the vanquished as their own. My grandfather didn’t survive the entirety of World War 2 so that someone could say he couldn’t call Britain his home. My father didn’t fight the Argentinians during the Falklands conflict for him to return home to a country that wasn’t his.

Wherever you journey, there will always be a dominante culture with a heritage going back centuries. To deny that is to deny who we are.

I think you are missing the point of the question, it doesnt say that there isnt a person that can say they belong to their country but rather “a population”. I am British but the whole population of Britain is not. I do not say this because I feel that immigrants cant truly call the country their own, infact I believe that if people imbrace the ideals of any country the go to they can call themselves a member of it. However the case is that there are members of the population of Britain(and possibly every country) that do not believe that they are a member of the culture and have no intention of becoming so.

There is so much migration around the world today that all countries have mixed cultures, in time the cultures merge and the national identity changes but at any given time there are allways newcomers in the population that do not consider the country their own land. For this reason I dont believe there is any country has a population who can say that they are truly from their own land and country.

I see your point Vyper… but if you interpret the question as you have then this is a pretty dead thread already, as the answer is undeniably “no”…