Everything must be explained in the next PD game

In the next game I hope everything about the ancients is explained. How did the downfall of the ancient civilization occur? Who where the Ancients?How where the dragons created?We need the story of the ancient war to be explained. Who was the sky ridder and what was his purpose? Who else has something they think needs to be explained in the Panzer world.

The ancients have always been shrouded in mystery and will remain so for the forseeable future unless they return. Wouldn’t you rather they remain a mystery? Putting together the pieces of the puzzle scattered throughout the games is all part of the fun.

I prefer to gain glimpses into the nature of the ancients from the perspectives of the various factions in the Panzer Dragoon world.

I’d like some things to be explained, but not everything. A dramatic and explanatory event should take place, but at the same time it should be equally thought provoking. If everything were explained then a lot of the mystery of the Panzer Dragoon world would be lost.

I’d really like to know why the Ancient Age ended though.

Legaia Flame - if that game came to be there wouldn’t be a sequel so my anser is no :smiley:

Like Solo, I think that it would be nice if some of the really imminent questions were answered, but not all of them. In addition, the game should generate some questions of its own.

I mean, look how much of the Seeker’s Stronghold thrives off of discussing Panzer mysteries.

The next game should answer some questions, but indirectly so that you have to think about it before you understand their meaning. And like TSE said, the game should create some new questions of its own, like PD Orta did. The mystery around the games is what makes PD so interesting.

The next game shall be the last, I think. So most things need to be explained. However, the Ancients should always be shrouded in mystery.

Perhaps the last “official” game. I’d like to see a few more cross-over titles. Maybe a few GBA games? :smiley:

Bah! to that idea!

Well, that would make it more mainstream, I know, but I was thinking along the lines of a PD Mini sequel or the such. PD Mini was an okay game (come on folks, it wasn’t THAT bad), I’d like to see another that could improve upon it. Maybe with a story this time?

The only PD game I would like to see in the GBA would be an RPG believe it or not.

That’d be cool too. Hell, as long as it’s PD :slight_smile:

One thing I’d hate though is if PD became so mainstream they did what Square did and made a racing game (except starring Coolias instead of Chocobos…)

“Coolia Grand Racer”


"Coolia Grand Racer"

That should be a mini-game in the next Panzer RPG.

As a mini-game: Yes

As a full game: No…better make that a “hell no”

They could do something like the time attack mode found in PDS, but with more circuts and competitors and stuff. It would be a fun little mini game.

Why do you think the next game will be the last, Shadow?

Panzer Dragoon Tactics.:smiley:

I must say that I’m more postive now that I was back when Saga was to be realeased,about the future of PD games.

*Se?orKafee : long time no C, you should post more;anyways, where did you gte that pic for your avie?!!!That was surely manipulated.Right?

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]I must say that I’m more postive now that I was back when Saga was to be realeased,about the future of PD games.

Why is that, I wonder?

BEcause I think there is nothing left in the series after another game. Sales will be less and less as the games go on.

I’m actually serious when I say that I’ll gladlt take the risk of a failure by developing a new PD game in the future (when I become a pro programmer) :slight_smile: