Hi sorry about the spaming
i like it here peple to talk too.

hope you can give me the chanse
i love it here
see ya emmz

Emma what the hell are you doing??

Sorry about this, everyone…

ha no fooling around
ha message from last time sorry
got a bit carried

[size=125]^.^[/size]; ??

Ha… er…

Nevey: be gentle…

Emmz: you should post more too! =)

Everyone else: stay away from this topic.


My thoughts exactly.

Heh heh, the dark side of a female emerges…

I’m not the craziest person on here apparently.

post more to gain more respect

people hardly send PMs anyway


I’ll send her one. Would that be good?

At first I thought you meant “PMS”

Then I read it again giggles


sends Orta a load of PMS

Solo! PLEASE incorporate this feature into the board!


hi you are speaking to me so hurry up and reply danielle



sends Orta a load of PMS

You’re a guy. How would you have PMS to send me? Unless… considers and screams

Those that do not visualize do not suffer, Orta. Remember these words.

Wise words from a semi-wise man. :slight_smile:

What’s a PMS X_O?

Semi-wise, it’s official. I’m halfway there :slight_smile: