Has anyone else heard about this eon8 thing? i found this giving information on the site so watch that.

after that this may help a little too

Its all very weird I must say. What do you think will happen when the timer reaches zero?

don’t go to eon8.com as it does not work although www.eon8.org works on my comp.

Ugh. WHY is everyone so worked up over this? It’s most likely just a silly little advertising scheme. It’s not even that good, the countdown timer is client side. There have been cooler marketing campaigns of this sort in the past. I wish people would just stop bring this thing up everywhere. Whatever happens it will be VERY underwhelming compared to the response it’s gotten.

I know but me and my mate are just really worked up about it, it ends in like 2 hours!!!

I was wondering when this would show up. This has now officially been posted on every message board I visit. =P

It’ll be a viral advertising campaign, most probably.

The most interesting outcome would be an ARG (like ilovebees.com) if you ask me, and even that would be pretty anticlimactic.

Probably some sort of product release on those parts of the world it shows in the map is my guess. All that talk about terrorists and virii and the end of the world is hilarious anyway.

If we were in the middle of a season of Lost I would immediately conclude that it was yet another one of their websites that tie in with the show somehow.


Since the main site doesn’t work, the wikipedia entry will have to do. All I have to say is…

LMAO @ everyone who was hyped up over it!

Seconded. Nubs!


Seconded. Nubs![/quote]

The one forum I found where they don’t call eachother n00bs and you ruined it.

I got hosed Tommy, I got hosed.

Bwahahaha. XD Turns out it was a project of a student to see how the public would react to a lack of information (surrounding a suspicious looking website).

I reacted most uninterested. I’ve seen several topics on this Eon8 thing, I visited none. =D

lolz. pwned :anjou_love:


lolz. pwned :anjou_love:[/quote]