Email address changes (read if you have work on TWotA)

I’m doing some maintanance on the site at the moment, so while I’m at it, has anyone here changed their email address since they’ve sent me content to put on the site? I have this useful program called Text Replacer that replaces any string of text with any other string of text so if I do it now then it will update your email address on every page where it’s mentioned on the site.

If you reply to this thread, please post your old email address (if you can remember it) and your new one so I can find it easily. Thanks…

Also, while I’m on the topic of the main site, how often do people here check the main page? If you’d like, I could make a sticky on one of the forums which would be updated everytime the main page is updated (that way you wouldn’t have to bother to check the main site for new content).

I think I have a couple of pieces >.x You know my email anyway =P

Yeah, it’s just that I’m bound to miss minor details like this if people don’t tell me when they’ve changed their email addresses (or they do tell me, but I don’t change them at the time).

So, from what I know so far, I’ve got to change Shadow’s email address, and I think Neil’s might need to be changed too, so hopefully he’ll see this thread and reply… </talking to himself>

I wonder how many people’s addresses have actually changed.

I just sent you an email Solo, so make sure you check your inbox. :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty good idea; I’ve currently got both the forums and the main page bookmarked, but I’m sure people would find a sticky topic more convenient (and it would make it less likely that anyone would miss stuff, too).

(Oh, and my email’s still the same BTW.)

Naw I think that would reduce traffic to the main site and eventually make you perhaps take it down :o
I like it as it is :slight_smile: I visit it everyday too :slight_smile:

yes, I do.

I have been using it for quite some time actually.

my new e-mail address is

I can also be reached at

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]Naw I think that would reduce traffic to the main site and eventually make you perhaps take it down :o
I like it as it is :slight_smile: I visit it everyday too :)[/quote]

Well, reducing traffic isn’t a problem in my book. It actually costs less (if I go over 8 gig I have to pay US$1 for every gig), although that wasn’t the reason why I suggested it. It would be just be more convienent for people who are interested in new content, but don’t regularly check the main page. If I made a sticky like that, I’d just link to the main page and maybe list the new content in the thread

I’ll check my email in a sec, Geoffrey.

Recently, I’ve changed some message rules in my e-mail service, in an attempt to stop the ridiculous amount of spam I get. Any message that gets sent to me with an attachment will be deleted automatically.

If you want to send me an attachment (below 1mbyte) then send it to Delete the words “no spam” obviously.