Edge's Diary: The 20 days of Panzer Dragoon Saga

Hay guys I have a new section up on my PDS site wwww.retroandhelix.0catch.com Its called Edge’s Diary: The 20 Days of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Its told from Edges point of view as he discovers the PDS secrets. Check it out and tell me what you all think

Legaiaflame, I locked this topic on the Seekers’ Stronghold because you obviously posted it to annoy me. If there could be any doubt that you posted it to annoy me, the fact that you have reposted it again on a board that I do not moderate speaks for itself.

For anyone who was wondering, legaiaflame has changed the wording of his ripped-off pages yet again and he has put them up on his site once more. Perhaps they are no longer obviously illegal (and this was clearly his intention), but his arrogance and complete disrespect for myself should be clear to anyone.

If anyone feels that legaiaflame should be banned from these forums, please post here and say so.

I’m sorry lance but I didn’t post this topic to annoy you.

I can’t believe you still have the Decency to say I am still copying your work. It is unbelievable. And then you banned my topic. Wake up Lance. Did you even look at my 20 days of panzer Dragoon saga? You have so much anger built up in you from our past argument that anyting I do just has to be so similar to your work when it is most certainly not.

And I’m not going to explain to myself, you, and anyone else why my work is not plagiarising your work. I am merely showing the panzer dragoon secrets to people in Edges point of view(and none of the ones you found out, I might add.)

And I have a right to post this topic without it being banned.

Let’s review the history of this, shall we?

  1. A few days ago, you posted a copied-and-pasted, partially reworded copy of my Panzer Dragoon Saga FAQ on your site. You even stole the tens upon tens of original images from my FAQ, which you took from TWotA without asking Solo or myself. You flat-out refused to remove it when I asked (which I had the legal right to), or even credit me for the work that you had ripped off.

  2. In an attempt to make your guide “not a copyright-violating rip-off”, you removed the images. Not only did this not make it morally or legally right, you still didn’t so much as apologise for what you had done.

  3. In a further attempt to make your guide “not a copyright-violating rip-off”, you shortened it. Not only did this not make it morally or legally right, you still didn’t so much as apologise for what you had done.

  4. You referred to me as an “asshole” for wanting to defend my legal rights to control my work.

  5. You called me “stupid” for wanting to defend my legal rights to control my work.

  6. In a further attempt to make your guide “not a copyright-violating rip-off”, you have reworded it yet again. And shockingly, you may have at last succeeded in making it not a blatantly copyright-violating rip-off.

But I doubt that anyone here cares about the legal side at this stage.

And Lance just one more thing. Have you looked at any of the other PDS secrets guides around the internet. They all have the same exact secrets that can be found in my guide and your guide. Well its not any different. And yours is most certainly not any different, except for maybe a couple of other secrets you found out that maybe no body else has. So if my secrets guide isn’t any different from all of the other guides Lance, than why do you have such a problem. I even tried something that no one has even done before. I have a secrets guide that is told from the point of view of the main character in the game. So get off my back. And I’m sure most people will agree with me. There is no reason in hell why I should be banned from these forums!

Lance I will admit I am sorry, and I mean it. But I just want the right to have my own secrets guide just like any other web site. So yeah ok I may have took some of your pictures and used your guide as a reference but I tried to take back what I did so I could just have my own secrets guide which I so much wanted.

I wont dare do anything like this again without asking permission. I can tell you one thing Lance I dont want us to be ememies, I just want my own secrets guide on my PDS site. Is there anyting wrong wrong with that. There is no hint of your work in my “20 days of Panzer Dragoon Saga.” So why do you continue to be so angry?

As you have obviously completely ignored what I have said yet again, I will copy and paste one of my previous posts for your benefit.

As you blatantly copied and pasted my work, changed the superficial wording and tried to claim it as your own, it was plagiarism plain and simple. You retained the idea and essence of my work, the layout, format and presentation of facts, unlike the other online PDS guides which differ from my own (and one another) considerably in the way that they present and express their content:


Those people clearly wrote their FAQs from scratch. They did not just take someone else’s FAQ, reword it and try to take credit for it. That is plagiarism, and that is wrong.

I am not even claiming to have credit for this. Of course I don’t legally own the facts. Nobody legally owns facts. What I own is the distinctive way in which they were presented, which you quite clearly copied from my work with only superficial rewording and no acknowledgement to myself. The fact that you had the audacity to steal all of my original images to go along with your rip-off of my work frankly astounds me.

Of course at that stage I was still referring to your previous rip-off of my FAQ, which you still have not apologised for or shown any kind of regret whatsoever.

Solo, Geoff or Shadow, please lock this topic.

I just did Apologize to you Lance.

I “continue to be angry” because the very fact that you haven’t dropped this shows such a complete contempt for me and total disrespect for my rights that I find it hard to even believe you’re serious.

Again, topic lock please. This serves no purpose.

And yes I also have my own distinctive way in which I presented my secrets guide so why do you still have a problem.


… because the very fact that you haven’t dropped this shows such a complete contempt for me and total disrespect for my rights that I find it hard to even believe you’re serious.

Lance what do you want from me, I apologiezed and thats still not good enough for you. What do you want. And don’t say delete your secrets guide from your site.

All that I have left to say is that I apologized to you and that is that ,if you still want to be angry than go on and continue to be angry. I started this topic so people could go to my PDS site and see the new section that I did. So anyone want to give their opinion?

And there isn’t good enough reason to ban this topic, its original purpose was for people to see whats new at my site not to have an argument.

To be honest I don’t think it’s worth asking you to do anything anymore. After the total arrogance, ignorance and disrespect you’ve shown over this whole issue I doubt that a single member of this community has any respect for you left. Certainly no one I’ve talked to in PMs or IMs thinks that you’re “in the right”.

Ok, I’m going to lock this topic for now… at least until Chris arrives. Please don’t make another topic regarding this subject Jeremy, otherwise I will have to ban you temporarily. I know that may seem a little harsh, but I really have no desire to see this dispute continue to spill into the forums.

Also, I haven’t had a chance to respond to your email yet Jeremy, but I will soon, especially if it means we can somehow settle this.

I just read through this topic (I was going to read it last night, but I had to go offline as I wasn’t using my own PC). It seems to me that Jeremy’s guide has been altered enough to call it his own now, so if I was in Lance’s shoes I would just leave it at that. The guide was far too similar at first, but I think it’s different enough now to call it a separate guide in it’s own right.

Obviously the guide was inspired (and ripped off at first) from Lance’s guide, and it should have been removed as soon as Lance requested that it had been taken off. What can I say here except can we put this in the past? I would prefer not to have to ban anyone, and so long as this doesn’t spill into other topics from now on, there should be no need to do so.

What else can I say here - hopefully this sort of thing won’t happen in the future. I respect the fact that Jeremy wanted to post his revised guide (whether of not he did it solely to annoy Lance is debatable), but I also respect the fact that Lance is annoyed about such a guide existing due to how he has been treated on the other forum (which was against the forum guidelines btw - flaming is technically against the rules).