E3 Discussion

Only the first day has gone by but wow, it appears to me as if Nintendo has stomped the competition hands down. The DS is simply amazing, Sony has some tough competition with their PSP. Have you seen the new Zelda video? Amazing.

Nintendo really has there stuff together this year. What’re your thoughts on the E3 expo so far?

…November 9th.

Waiting for Seg’as big announcement.I’m not really infromed till this point.

I can’t believe this.I read this on a forum : apparently Sega’s big announcement was the fact that they are the ones working on Matrix Online!!

EDIT:This is a bunch of BS but for some reason the first 20 posters in that same thread fell for it and made me fall for it…

Let’s wait and see.


No, motherfucka, fuck you, you ain’t disrespecting me like that (I’m gonna get my gun)

Sorry, quick lyric.

Anyway, if it is that, darn.


You all know how Astro Boy is one of this years E3 games right?

Well just look who’s right next to him in Sega Europe’s site!! :smiley:

Plus, in the E3 2004 tab!!!

I can’t see what you’re on about… I see no Astro Boy or no E3 tab…

Right side.A window.On top of Samurai Jack.

Its’ not really a tab but it does take you to the e3 info section.

…Phantasy Star Online III?

On the very first page.

[size=200]OMG IT’S NiGHTS!![/size]

Have our prayers finally been answered?

Could this be a clue to the BIG announcement?

How did u fall for the matrix thing Gehn, I posted that info before the announcement’s day… :stuck_out_tongue:
And btw they are the publishers not the developers…afaik…


Nintendo’s press conference video (appears it is down at the moment should be up later) You all need to watch this, very good stuff here. The handheld market is going to get very interesting.

Anyone have any thoughts on the PSP? I’m more excited about the DS at the moment.

Still awaiting sega’s “big” announcement…

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]How did u fall for the matrix thing Gehn, I posted that info before the announcement’s day… :stuck_out_tongue:
And btw they are the publishers not the developers…afaik…[/quote]

Yes I know that.But the thing is I don’t really knwo what could be so great (or what they consider great anyways9 and the guys claimed it was true.

Kay. So. I give up trying to find it o.O

EDIT: So thanks to D-Unit, I’ve discovered that I seem to be seeing a different first page to everyone else o.O Where NiGHTS and Astro Boy are I have a link to information about Phantasy Star Online III.

Are sure sure they have announced Phantasy Star Online III? At gamespot they were talking about Phantasy Star Universe, a real time RPG but they dont know whether it is online or offline. Gamespot also seem to think that Matrix Online was Sega’s announcement too.

It wouldn’t make sense if the “big announcement” was The Matrix Online since that was announced on SEGA.com several days before the major announcement was supposed to take place. Either PSU is the big announcement or SEGA is still keeping us in suspense. Still, a NiGHTS-related announcement would be awesome!

Not saying anything else but that I think Abadd may have a field day with this when he gets back. :slight_smile: Or maybe he’ll be cryptic and say nothing.

Yep, I’m positive. Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D Revolution:

"Genre: Online Strategy
Developer: Sonic Team
Release Date: Q2 2004
Players: 1+2 (+ Online)

?Play online and interact with Hunters from PSO Episode I & II in the lobby
?Engage in offline team battles for up to four people, where players are divided into friends and enemies
?Choose from either the Item Deck or the Enemy Deck, depending upon whether you will fight as a member of the Hunters or the Arks (enemies)
?Collect an enormous number of weapons, gear, and items to create an original deck with your character
?Use Action and Assist cards to compose a powerful deck, supported by Hunters and Items or Bosses and Enemies
?Position your characters on the battle field and move them as the battle unfolds to take advantage of your opponent?s weaknesses
?The next chapter in the PSO universe continues the story of PSO Episodes I &II

?Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution? expands the Phantasy Star Online (PSO) universe, offering a new style of strategic combat.

Combining the excitement of card collection and deck settings with team-based battle tactics, PSO Episode III allows users to chat in the lobby about status upgrades and tactics, and then journey to the planet surface to engage in strategic combat using a turn-based Card system.

The game continues the story arc of the previous PSO games, as players once again become Hunters and explore the mysteries of the planet Ragol.

Featuring both online and offline play, as well as multiplayer modes, PSO Episode III adds new content and players to the ever-growing PSO community."

And it seems the announcement was PSU. How disappointing. PSO3 = PSU? No idea.

I’ve also heard of a new Sega hanheld with the condename “Promotheus” that will work pretty mcuh like the Phantom (youll pay to leech games online).

And yes Phantasy Star Universe seems the most likely …

EDIT: PSO III and PSUniverse are not the same game.