e3 2008

Feel free to post stuff from your own point of view potentially closer to other companies, for example talk about Microsoft’s conference and their Final Fantasy bomb and upcoming Dashboard/Live updates. I’ll start with a Nintendo centric post I guess, since I only own a PC and Wii (oh and PSP, almost forgot, heh) and the PC isn’t really getting any spotlight from the conferences for obvious reasons.

Nintendo’s conference seems to have been a let down for many people but Nintendo only showed their absolute new content though it, nothing which was already announced previously. They managed to include some pretty exciting bits, the most prominent of which were Wii Music, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Wii Fit Resort. Wii Fit Resort will be the title to show off MotionPlus and it includes games like Jet Skiing and a lighthearted version of gladiatorial sword fighting. The latter should be a blast if it properly showcases the new motion sensing capabilities.

The possibilities seem endless at this point but details are still too few to really judge it. I’ll have to get it in my hands for that.

Now waiting for all the conferences to be over so that we can get to some proper games coverage both from Nintendo and various third parties hopefully.

Sony will have it easy making their presentation more impressive but they’re bound to be showing more than just all new things, for example I bet that Killzone 2 and Little Big Planet which they’ve been showing for ages will once again be very prominent.

I’ve been checking out E3 coverage through www.kotaku.com with their live blogging (once that’s over they replace the blogs with different posts about all the separate stuff shown). Not the best journalists but it was a nice way to track announcements, though related posts already span several pages and are hard to track down so other websites are probably better for that use, live blogging aside. Feel free to link your favorite.

I think GDC will be the place to be for PC gamers, E3 seems very console centric as usual, though there are many PC (or multi platform) games showcased already at this time, check out www.rockpapershotgun.com for some trailers and such.

No 360 or PS3 yet are able to give me the 7th degree over the likes of Bourne and Kenzan ?, I’ll bare that in mind next :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: .

As for E3 , I really don’t know why the corps bother anymore , not in this cut down fashion , but unlike the knockers , I thought both Sony and MS showed off very good games , I really couldn’t careless if they’ve been talk of before or are just sequels they look great and I can’t wait to play them

And Resdient Evil 5 blew every other game off the planet imo . Its not even near the optimised stage, yet looks incredible , I mean just mind blowing

Does not owning those systems mean I don’t have access to them? I never owned an Xbox either but it’s clear I have actually finished Panzer Dragoon Orta from past discussions for example. Try and keep that discussion in its own thread.

Oh people can finsh Orta in a couple of hrs and in one sitting . Not somthing you really can’t do that with the likes of Kenan .

Do you have to finish Kenzan to judge the visuals, physics, and gameplay (even though that was the least discussed aspect) in the ways we talked about? Sigh @ you. Go back to the other thread if you have more on this…

I see a lot of people giving Ninja Gaiden II a bit of a kicking and I can Guarantee you they haven?t played much over Chapter one , or got past the demo . Its takes up untill Chapter 7 before we start to see the GFX and art direction go up a few levels and by the time your own chapter 12 its likes a whole new game .
If people play the 1st 2 levels of HALO III , they wonder what an is all the fuss about , given that the 1st few levels are boring and don?t really look anything special , a game like Blue Dragoon takes a hell of a long time to get going too, not just in gameplay terms but graphics

Now you liked to make out developers know somthing that I don’t over Unreal 3 , well then , at least play the games you’re have a debate with me, then maybe you’ll understand why I coming from with Kenzan .

Except I never spoke of those titles you mention out of nowhere and Kenzan has nothing to do with Unreal Engine 3 or most of our actual discussion which had little to do with Kenzan and more to do about Bourne being a mediocre game and Unreal Engine 3 being capable of a lot more than that, which still stands… You still can’t go to the original thread huh? Thanks for derailing this before it even started. Smooth.

He’s not-so-subtly claiming that I never actually played far into Ninja Gaiden II. He’s quite wrong, but he can believe whatever he wants.

I will, however, agree on Resident Evil 5 looking incredible. I’m usually not one to get excited over explosions, but damn… I’ve never seen any game on any of the consoles that had real-time explosions looking that nice.

Nintendo’s showing was terrible. yawn

Microsoft showed a lot of stuff we already knew about, but new trailers never hurt. The Mii-inspired avatars are alright I guess, but Microsoft calling them an innovation is total lol. What a bunch of douche tools. The rest of the new features for the next dashboard update however, are awesome. Being able to install games onto my hard drive will rock. If the Netflix service for movies is as good as I’m hoping, I will probably quit buying Blu-Ray movies for my PS3. $9/month to watch whatever I want is a lot better than paying $20 for a single Blu-Ray title WHEN they go on sale (read: not often).

Sony’s showing was average at best. The God of War III trailer was dumb. No gameplay footage coupled with cheesy dialogue doesn’t get me excited. I’m very disappointed by the lack of Team ICO showing their next game. I was sooooooo hoping for them to showcase it, but I suppose TGS will have to do.


I was hoping very much that Sony would show the Next Ico game. sigh
Well, we can’t hope that E3 will live up to the E3s of the past. The focus of the show is immensely different; so much to the point that it is now called a retail summit. It’s meant for publishers primarily to meet with business partners and retailers, and media is there to report on whatever they can find. Some companies still make their major announcements there (particularly 1st parties), but not all…

Deleted to be replaced with this better link.

One thing people need to understand is that E3 is not for gamers - it’s for retailers and business partners.

Its quite clear the point I was making , that I wanted the next Yakuza to have proper pyshics and Interactive environments , which I think are fair points , then you hit back with all this Bourne this and that, yet it transpires you don?t even own a 360 or PS3. Now you like to claime developers know more than me because they?re into the know when Licensing the tech, yet are talking about games you?ve never played in the case of Kenzan . I have played both games , and Bourne is more impressive in terms of physics and interactive of the environment , the very points I was trying to make

Up to chapters 12 and 13 ??. If that was the case you wouldn’t be saying silly things like its just like PSU . Chapters 13 and 14 are brilliant in terms of tech and art desgin , its almost like a new game engine is put in place for those chapters . And it not just you a lot of people say that NG II looks no better than the 1st game , or Smiga . It realy take up to Chapters 7 and onwards to see the improvments inthe NG II engine and imo Chapters 12 and 13 are a graphical knock out

Anway Back on topic . I thought RE 5 looked out of this world , I was kind of letdown with Farcry II is wasn’t looking as good as I was hoping , but the new Prince Of Persia tech looked stunning , just stuning I’m not sure about the game , but the graphics on display were awesome .

Banjo looked far better than I was expecting too , the Gamespot special on Sonic impressed the hell out of me , and I’ll admit it the tech for Gears of war II looked stunning , the detail and effects onthe Sky scraper level was jaw droping .

I’ve been REALLY impressed with Far Cry 2. The idea of the wide and open landscape in Africa has got me salivating. I hope there’s some wildlife to make it more realistic.

A few more game that impressed me at E3 , I thought Fable II looked very nice with some stunning english art , and I liked the co-op online fetures. Project Origin looked brilliant , Brothers In Arms gameplay looked as good as ever and I love the slow mo replays , I thought Motostorm II looked very good and fun too, and I liked the look of Dark Void too.

I thought SEGA had a decent and safe showing .

BTW, I just like to Apologies for going a bit OTT with regards to Kenzan , I really didn’t mean to make this place gamefaqs , just that I really think its not that impressive (in terms of tech, game is ok) and SEGA needs to do a lot better for the next one .

Does anyone know if there’s going to be anything unique about Fable 2’s battle system? In this video the guy goes on about how in all games the fighting is the same, then goes on to demonstrate a combat system that seems just the same as any other. Hmm…

Once again, you’ve taken my statement out of context. Once again, I have to repeat that I never said it looks like PSU, I said they both have inefficient 3D engines and sub-HD resolutions. I’m doing everything I can to not start swearing at you, because I keep having to repeat myself.

Well, supposedly there’s going to be context-sensitive moments in combat, such as if you’re near a wall and you attack someone, you’d push them against the wall and stab them… things of that nature, without having to push crazy button combinations. You just use one button, and keep it simple. Molyneux always oversells his product. It’s just what makes him, him.

I’m looking forward to the game, overhyped or not.

I edited my last post with some more videos of Wii games from E3 (and a couple not from E3, but showcased at the same time like Fatal Frame IV).

Off topic: Where does one find his Wii Friend code Parn?

So… is it pretty well assumed that the next Team ICO game will be set in their same world again? And if so, who thinks (or wants it to) that it could vaguely follow the Panzer Dragoon pattern and that game will blow open the scenario and start to make any connections a lot clearer? Or would we rather stay mystified? *I’m betting Abadd would actually… :wink:

Ok fair enough and I never once said that Havok was a game engine , but we all can gets things mixed up .

I don’t think the NG II game engine is inefficient at all , sure it has slow down but that imo is a lack of Optimisation , as it can happen it parts when there no much happing , and other times there absolute mayhem of the screen with not a hint of slowdown . With all that was happing with Team Ninja the game as the hall marks of being rushed out the door. I?ve seen many game with impressive engines that have slowdown , but I would call them inefficient.

And for the Res thing , There?s a lot of games that use that trick and have slowdown, the press are raving about GTA IV yet on the PS3 is using the up scale trick as issues with slowdown , runs at the same frame rate as the previous versions , yet gets 10 out 10 in the Graphics stakes.

PSU engine is just poor full stop it was never that impressive onthe PS2 , and makes next to no use of next gen shaders or effects not even self shadows with PS2 ports like Lego use .

If that meant for me ?.

Oh well here’s my old Wii before I sold it after finishing Mario Galaxy


I did own the system once

Eh good for you? I kept it because it’s more than worthy, but won’t discuss it in an E3 thread. I was just asking Parn (so no, not meant for you) where to find my wii friend code because I have no idea where to look and Parn has his in his sig so he can probably help. Why turn everything into some sort of fanboy or anti-fanboy discussion?