Dream a little dream

I actually dreamt about this on Sunday night. I was in Toys R US and there were huge banners hanging everywhere advertising the new SEGA console Denstiny. This is pretty much what they looked like (as far as memory serves). It was a very vivid dream, I wish it were true.


Where’s the D?

Its glowing in dark purple, if your monitor is dark it may be hard to see. Im at work where the monitors suck and I cant see it either.

I can see it.I dunno if that’s a good or a bad dream right now.

Hm, a four competitor console market, oh well, let’s hope the X-box dies soon so there is a vacant spot for Sega. XD

I’d rather have Microsoft than Sega now, to be honest.

Hey SEGA has four years! :wink:

Why don’t YOU die?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk man :slight_smile: But if there was one competitor who needed to die…

I personally think that in the future there will be no competition as far as hardware is concerned.At least that’s MY dream…

… No… No… No… No…

We will not let the Xbox die, no matter how much I hate Bill Gates (and I hate him with an undying, neverending, deep, dark passion, that philanthropist scum). I love my Xbox, and… And… And…

Crap. Got nothin’ now.

How can anyone hate Bill Gates?

It’s interesting how many people loathe Microsoft on the PC, and yet love their Xbox.

Didn’t you know, Gehn? Bill Gates is the anti-Christ plotting our doom while looking down on we ants from the top of his golden skyscrapper towering above the clouds. Everyone knows that. >:)

Too true.

My friend doesn’t shutup about how much he hates the way Microsoft makes their products for the computer, such as Windows, and yet he can’t wait to pick up an Xbox 360.

Oh. I’m just a bitch. That’s my explanation.

I mean, I hate lots of people, but like a few of the things they develop. Like my ex-boyfriend… He did write some pretty good things, but he was a jerk.

The same for Bill Gates.

Kudos for the Xbox, but he has more money than me. So I hate him. And his golden skyscraper.

I thought he was doing a tag-team thing with Kutaragi to take over the world and then divide it up between themselves :slight_smile:

If A=1, B=2 etc, then William Bill Gates = 663. And since he’s WBG the third, then add on 3. There you go.

… Do you know I’m actually getting ready to sit here and calculate Bill Gates’ name now?! DAMN YOU! Damn you for giving me this horrible idea!

What do you mean by that exactly?

Game X beeing just avaible as opposed to beeing avaible for console Y.

I think game consoles might evolve into something like DVD/CD/etc players.You got various brands making them but there isn’t much difference in terms of what they can do.And games are compatible with every console (and viceversa).

Hardware competition is pretty pointless in my mind…

But it’s what strives the industry to be BETTER.