Don't get "Kaze To Akatsuki No Musume PDO"

…unless you can speak fluid Japanese.

I recently got a copy of this book, but it mainly seems to be an episode by episode novelisation of the game (like the Azel novel that Lagi and Lord Craymen have, I guess). There are a few illustrations, but when I say ‘few’ I mean only three or four.

So unlike the guidebooks that come with pages of beautiful artwork that can be appreciated regardless of what language you speak, I would avoid this one if you were considering getting it unless you can actually speak Japanese.

I’ll scan the images that the book does contain later on if anyone’s interested, they’re black and white, but I don’t think they can found anywhere else at the moment.

if anyone’s interested

You really don’t know just how much non alone you are in your PD fandom do you? :anjou_happy:

Are you sure the novel only talks about each episode?I mean how can you tell?

I too would like to see this. Almost as much as I’d like to see an XBox and Panzer Dragoon Orta fall off the back of a lorry…!

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]if anyone’s interested

You really don’t know just how much non alone you are in your PD fandom do you? :anjou_happy:[/quote]


There’s a contents page that is partially in English as well, and it’s says what page each episode starts on. I’ll scan that page as well if you like.

wow- I was going to order it tommorrow, but this is making me think differently. Too bad- I was really thinking it might be a manga …

I believe in ya.No need :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I was hoping as well! A Japanese novel isn’t overly useful to us English speakers, except as a collectors item.

I’ve got most the full page picture pages scanned, although there’s a few more to come of small ‘thumbnail’ drawings at the start of each chapter. I’ll upload them soon, and you can add them to your site if you want, Lagi. Also, if you’d prefer them in a higher quality, I could rescan them… some of them aren’t as straight as I would like due to the thickness of the book.

I’ve already scanned it, but oh well.

Here are the scans:

I haven’t included the small images at the start of each episode because I don’t have much free webspace at the moment. I might add them later on, although they’re mostly nothing that we haven’t seen before.

wow! Those are really cool! thanks for scanning those in!

Too bad they didn’t do a manga in that style- it would have been really neat.

Did you ever see teh cover to this bootleg manga? … rank01.jpg

Thanks for the warning Solo, though I’ll probably still try and pick it up myself as a random PD collectible. Where would you recommend ordering it from, though? Buying items from Japanese sites seems fairly awkward when you can’t understand the language at all… what site did you use yourself?

Cool, thanks. :anjou_happy: The illustrations are quite nicely drawn, though from that third double-page image it looks like the novel inevitably adds to and changes the storyline quite a bit; Orta has someone else riding on the dragon with her, and the dragon appears to be in its Solo Wing form…?

[quote=“lagi_webmaster”]Did you ever see teh cover to this bootleg manga?

I don’t think I have, though I’d say it looks really quite nice… do you have any more images from that?

I got mine from There’s a link to it from the Media Factory page. The page is pretty straight forward to navigate around, you’ve just got to make sure that you choose the other countries sign up form, not the Japan one.

Somehow I didn’t even notice that! Yeah, the dragon does look quite similar to the Solo Wing normal morph. I wonder who the guy on the back is… Mobo is the only person I can think of, unless it’s a new character.

[quote=“lagi_webmaster”]Did you ever see teh cover to this bootleg manga?

That’s awesome, I love the style that it’s done in. Was the whole manga of PDS?

Thanks, I’ll be checking that out shortly…

Ah yes, that cloth wrapped around his forearms does match up with the other Mobo image; I actually thought this guy looked like he was wearing more clothes and had shorter hair, but it’s not a massively detailed illustration so that could just be my imagination…

Anyhow, I was reasonably bored just now so I’ve knocked up a version of that “creatures and ships” scan with the English names added: … _force.jpg

I started sticking the English names on because I was trying to work out what everything was; off the top of my head I couldn’t tell if some of the smaller illustrations were creatures and ships from the game or random new inventions. After a quick comparison with PDO’s Pandora’s Box it seems that they’re all from the game itself, although it’s a bit hard to tell what some of the smaller enemies are (with them being in profile).

I was also surprised to find that the enemies on that page are more or less to scale, as that’s very different to how I imagined the various enemies and bosses to compare; the Catharp is relatively small for example, while the Assault Carrier Vermana is the biggest thing on the planet. It does sync up with the measurements in Pandora’s Box, though.

Also, according to that contents page there’s a significant “interlude” between the events of Episode 5 and Episode 6, but I’m fairly sure that nothing really happens at that point in the game; probably something new-ish… the “epilogue” sounds surprisingly long, too (twelve pages) compared to the ending of the game itself…

Thanks for the scans, Solo :anjou_happy:

[quote=“Lance Way”]

Ah yes, that cloth wrapped around his forearms does match up with the other Mobo image; I actually thought this guy looked like he was wearing more clothes and had shorter hair, but it’s not a massively detailed illustration so that could just be my imagination…[/quote]

Strange, if that is Mobo there must be a significant change in the storyline… The Solo Wing form even goes against the entire setup of the game, with Lagi being separated from the Heresy Dragon. Unless he somehow got that form in Sestren… Btw Solo, does the book mention where Orta gets the gun? :anjou_happy:

Thanks Solo.I might buy this anyway too.

A big deal might happen between episode 5 and 6 since that’s when Abadd asks Orta to follow him.They could have travelled miles and miles for all we know.I assume they could have insightful conversations during that time.

Oh and the Epilogue can be very significant since it might explain just how the new baby Coolia was born and might hint something about a ne wgame.I mean like people said before - who releases a novel 2 years after a game without second intentions?

About the Solo wing picture : it’s obvious that is supose to represent the Blue dragon but I’m sure it’s just one of those “the Empire has been defeated once” analogies.

Oh and the other guy might be Mobo but :

-he doens’t seem to have that long ponytail
-he wears a cape
-his torso is covered

and Mobo :

-doe shave a ponytail
-doesn’t wear a cape (and from what we’ve seen it wouldn’t be normal for wormriders to…)
-his torso is naked

For me that part might just be the description of a vision Orta had or wishful thinking…I dunno.The fact is that is Episode 8’s Boss and apparently these pictures are in the middle of the Episode 9 part.

PS:I wanted to mail the PDAcademy webmaster about these issues hoping he/she both read the book and spoke english but the PDA page is completely uncomprehensible (sp?) and I can’t get his/her e-mail :anjou_embarassed:

That’s awesome, I love the style that it’s done in. Was the whole manga of PDS?<<

The whole manga (I have 2) are just b/w graphic style, but they look nice. If I can find any interesting key pages to scan , I will.

Hello, nice to meet you all.
This is an interesting PD forum, wonderful.
I am a Japanese. I am not very good at English, but I can read novels in Japanese.

I have bought the book, and it’s good.
Its story of Orta aroused my sympathy better than “Orta games” one.
Actually, The pages is thick and the story is so long written in Japanese.
Therefore, I would like to show you the digest.
May I do that?

I show you some of words meanings.
“Kaze to Akatsuki no Musume” means “A daughter of the wind and the dawn”.
Kaze is a wind or winds, Akatsuki is dawn in poetic diction,
and Musume is a daughter or a girl.

Yes, she is Orta.

Not he. “She” is Evren.:anjou_happy:

Nice manga, I don’t know about them. Nice Azel.:anjou_love:

Welcome to the forums, Taor.

Not he. “She” is Evren.:anjou_happy:[/quote]

Well, that’s a surprise :anjou_happy: - I doubt that anyone here expected that. It sounds like the novel’s storyline must be quite different from the game, so any information you can share would be very welcome.

Welcome to the forum, Taor! Nice to meet you, too :anjou_happy:

And yes, anything you can tell us about the book would be appreciated. Since noone else here speaks Japanese, we’re pretty much at a dead end trying to understand it ourselves. If you could give us a basic rundown of the book (it doesn’t need to be detailed or anything), we would be grateful.

And it’s interesting that the character talked about earlier turned out to be Evren. I’m surprised she actually has a part in the novel, I wonder how much is she is talked about. Could someone host the picture of her? I didn’t get a chance to grab the scans before Solo took them down.

Here you go. (Solo’s scan was higher quality with a very large filesize, so I’ve made the image a little smaller.)