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[Advertising spam deleted, bot account removed and evilness generally thwarted. All in a day’s work for your friendly neighbourhood mod.]

Too good to be true. Either copied, damaged or stolen.

Do not trust this person.

I don’t even think it’s a person, it’s a bot!

I didn’t know the term for “person or computer who register in forums to post adverts” but I’ll remember bot, thanks!

Eh that’s not what it means… Bot comes from Robot (I think), it’s basically some automatic script or whatever that signs up and posts spam/adverts… Used to be seen in public chats mostly but the last years forums are a target too.

We get a lot of that crap here…why?

Because the forum signup has no restrictions on it. To stop it we need new accounts to have to be approved by a mod or else to have a used in the account sign up process (and a good one at that, most bots can break older easier ones currently) to stop bots making accounts.

suggested that over 2 years ago