Dig for the Motherload!


This is one of the coolest flash games ever. If you haven’t played it already, I suggest you do right now. It’s about 3.6 Megs, so it’s not particularly 56k friendly, but it’s worth it if you can wait it out.

A few tips:

  • Early game is all about keeping your pod alive. Your fuel runs down very rapidly at the start due to you having a shitty fuel tank that holds 10 litres. You need to dig, grab some minerals (aim for anything at the start), sell your minerals at the depot (2nd building from the left) then refuel at the fuel stand (1st building from the left). You’ll make a profit, and can keep going until you’ve got $750, when you can buy a bigger fuel tank at the shop (3rd Building).

  • Boulders can’t be drilled through, but you can blow them up with dynamite and plastic explosives (bought from the 4th building along)

  • To save, fly into the droid in the sky in the middle.

  • Lava pockets can be drilled through, but unless you’ve got a good radiator and strong hull, it’s potentially suicidal.


  • Once you pass 4,500ft, every single “empty” space (that is, normal soil) has the potential to hold a gas pocket. These things are scary. Unless you have the top notch radiator and hull and full health, Gas Pockets are instant death. As you get deeper, the possibility gets higher: 5,000 is virtually 50% and 6,000+ is 100%. Trouble is, the good stuff is at 4,000ft and lower. So, you need to chance it. For that, bring reserve fuels and a transporter of some kind, make necessary prayers and dig.

  • Once you’ve got a lot of weight on your pod (5,000kg or more, check inventory) you won’t be able to fly. Keep digging and use the transporter when you’re finished. If you haven’t got a transporter you’re screwed.


Is this the one you were telling me about that wouldn’t load? :anjou_happy:

I’ll more than likely give it a try. Cheers for the recommendation! Although knowing me, I’ll be pretty abysmal at it, but at least I’m giving it a try! :anjou_embarassed: