Deviant Art

Are any of you people members? I just made an accouny, Joy for me!
I gotta say its a very cool site, heres my stuff >_>

EDIT: I changed it. Its now Nightopia, before it was SplashWave. I will stick to my new one :slight_smile:

Me!! I’m a member!!

My UN = Lightwing (

I oughta update, actually. I been drawin lots over the hols…

My little home in DA, although I have been lazy with the updating. ^^;

Didn’t know what this site was about so I checked out the FAQ:

Seems pretty cool. Love the art detail Scott. Gonna check out the site in detail some other time. It seems similar to Fanart Central:

After looking at Atolms art… it makes me sad when i return to my gallery :’(

Best site ever <3

I officially did something with my dA account. Go me. :stuck_out_tongue: