I have not played Destiny yet, but since there isn’t a topic about it, I thought I’d make one. I know there are a few Bungie fans here.

Is the game worth playing through? Having played most of the Halo games (1-4, ODST, Reach, and Wars), I feel rather burnt out from that series, and Destiny looks very much like Halo. I hear the Halo series is being planned for the next 30 years. While planning out the universe like that will hopefully produce a more coherent narrative, I do wonder whether it can be made to last that long while still feeling fresh. The same goes for Destiny, with it’s 10 year plan. From what I hear, the story is lacking in the first Destiny game.

I heard the story was an incoherent mess. From what I saw It just looked like Call of Duty with a sci-fi skin…All you do is go around mindlessly killing(but I guess if you like Call of Duty you would like this?). From what I could observe there isn’t really any sense of exploration or discovery…

If you want to try it, more power to you. To each his own; just not my cup of tea. I’d rather go back and play the Mass Effect trilogy.

A friend of mine tried it and hated it. I think if you like FPS games then it’s worth giving a try. It depends on what you are looking for, really.

I also think the Halo series is far better. That is because when I compare them I immediately see what is lacking with Destiny.

It seems Halo had more event type action or specific set pieces spread throughout the levels. Everything felt more balanced (you had events happening in between the shooting). This really added to the action as far as scope and immersion. Also there was a better variety of vehicles, which made the game unique and fun to play. As far as the story goes, the dynamic chemistry between Master Chief and Cortana made me feel attached to those characters creating chemistry and charm.

Destiny just drops you down in the middle of nowhere, mindlessly going from point A to B shooting this and shooting that. Rinse and repeat.

I think the problem is making an online game like this is a logistical nightmare, so the size and scope always suffers. An FPS has a more rigid design template that makes things much easier to develop in comparison.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Personally Destiny doesn’t interest me. There’s only one Destiny, and that was the Ancient alien ship in Stargate Universe that was traveling to the edge of the universe. Piloted by yours truly of course.

God those characters are forever in limbo! I wish there at least could have been a movie to end things properly…

This topic isn’t making me enthusiastic to play Destiny at all. I hoped for better from the talent at Bungie.

Yeah, it seems that the larger the scope of a game, the more spread out it becomes, often feeling stretched. Although the Panzer shooters were very rigid in structure, that allowed for an experience that never felt repetitive.

Online games always have latency problems as well which are impossible to avoid. The devs have to compensate for them.

My friend was telling me that if I wanted a near zero latency connection in WoW I’d need to move closer to the actual servers.

IMO, don’t listen to us. Check out some videos and see if you like the gameplay itself.

I have watched a few videos of Destiny. It just looks a lot like Halo. I might pick it up when it’s cheap.

Haaaaa… This didn’t work out too well for Halo 5.

I’ve just started playing the first Destiny. I’d like to hear if anyone’s opinions of it have changed with time. Solo, did you ever pick it up?

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No I didn’t. I played a demo of Destiny 1 and it was okay. Even though the first game is cheap now, it’s pretty low priority (in terms of backlog and future games I’m interested in) so I’m not sure if I’ll get around to playing through them. Interested to hear what you think of the series.

So the first Destiny is pretty skippable IMO. There’s nothing in there story-wise that you need to understand Destiny 2, other than world and character building. Everything the first one does the second one does better, at least from a single player story/quest perspective.

The real issues I had with the first game were that the missions just felt tacked on, like they had all these lovely open world multiplayer spaces and then decided to add single player quests to them without really spending any time crafting either a narrative or mission structure. The constant reuse of environments for different missions was quite jarring too.

This problem is resolved entirely in the sequel, which has a pretty compelling story actually for what is essentially an MMOFPS. The campaign missions are for the most part their own environments, which do not exist in the multiplayer space. The plot has proper arcs and makes you feel like you’re actually making a difference to the world. The only problem is its a little short, something not addressed in either of the free to play expansions, Curse of Osiris (bland), and Warmind (good!).

I’ve signed up for a month of Xbox Live Gold to play some of the multiplayer, which is pretty varied and satisfying. I’m absolutely rubbish, it’s been a long time since the heady heights of my Halo 2 days, but it’s a lot of fun actually. The game has surprised me. I’m not convinced there’s enough here to keep me playing after I’ve gone through everything because it looks to be pretty grindy once you’ve exhausted the variety, but for a month it will keep me very happy.

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