Desert Island Discs

With the “favourite film” thread being raised, and currently lacking any other topic for discussion for myself to introduce onto the forum, I thought that this would be an interesting game to cut’n’paste into here!

For any non-Britons who may be unfamiliar with the concept, Desert Island Discs is a regular, long-running programme on the BBC’s Radio 4, and constitutes a refreshing and welcome break from the station’s usual fare of relentless and mind-numbing Eurocommunist propoganda. Each week, a public figure - actor, author, politician, celebrity, director, academic, scientist &c. - will be invited into the radio studio… only to be served drugged tea and biscuits, have his unconscious form dragged into and boxed up in a packing crate, and awaken to find himself unceremoniously dumped onto a desert island, where he shall remained stranded for aaaaaalllllll eeeettteeerrrnnnitttyyy! :anjou_wow:

As he’s going to find himself rather bored for the remainder of his life, the hapless interviewee can select eight pieces of music, a book (other than the Bible and anything of Shakespeare’s - it is assumed that he already has the Holy Scriptures and the Bard’s complete works with him when he was tossed overboard) and a single comfort item (not something that would assist his rescue, obviously, as escape isn’t the point of the scenario!) to be carried with his comatose form as it is washed up on the shore of pastures final. There’s no prejudice on what he takes with him - the music can be any genre from Gregorian plainsong to grungegrowling black death metal, and the book can bear any title from the Platonic Dialogues to See Spot Run. As the interviewee would presumably want his possessions to signify some legacy of who he was and what he achieved to any passing ship that eventually picks up his time-decayed and sun-bleached skeleton, it is preferred (although not necessary) that his choices not just be his “favourites”, but what he thinks are good signposts for important stages in his life, opinions and personality.

As such, purely for the sake of idle interest and curiosity more than anything else, I thought that I’d posit the question: Eight records, one book and one comfort item - what would be your Desert Island Discs?