There was an episode of South Park JUST like that :anjou_love:

Apparently that happens more than you think, this isn’t the first time i’ve heard of something like this.

Think about it, if you lose a finger in a meat processing plant, do you really think they’ll throw out thousands of pounds of food to make sure nobody gets it in their food?

Good point. :anjou_wow:

Well, y’never know what’s in your meat anyway. Someone I know bought pork sausages before and they were 85% chicken. coughs

I don’t have to worry about meat though, haven’t eaten it for yonks.

[size=200]'Mon the veg!![/size]


Well it looks quite dishrevelled.

A morgue huh…picks an ear out of a classic double

Would you like that finger Original or Extra Crispy?

… Oh, the finger thing again. That’s getting old. It’s all over the news here in Kentucky… Because we’re in Kentucky. There’s nothing better to report about other than something that happened in California.

What I’m trying to figure out is the whole thing with the woman who had her finger bitten off by her pet jaguar and now claims the chili finger is hers. (As you can tell, I’ve been following this story more closely than I should, but that’s what you get when you watch the morning news in Kentucky.)

Now the police have arrested the women found the finger, and reported that it was a hoax.

If anyone still cares.