Propably just a site hoping to get hits from people that mistype the very nice resource dictionary.com ( dictionary.com )

Dictionary.com is love in html form.

i don’t get it x.x

Dicionary is a misspelling of dictionary.

It’s funny, I use Dictionary.com more for a Thesaurus than anything else. Whenever I have a paper to do I would go on and find a bunch of cool sounding synonyms for words I commonly use to spice up a paper.

Hooray for poor spelling! Hooray for dicionaries!

Knowing me, I’ll put that name in by mistake if I try to look up “dictionary.com.”

I don’t know if anyone’s interested but dictonary.com also points to a fake page. There’s a lot of sites out there like this, and these kind of domains can sell for thousands.

Perhaps you can explain me what a site gets along with big hits (aside from popularity of course) then.

Yeah, I’ve wondered that before myself - how do some websites make a profit?

I suppose TWotA is run charitably by Solo for the benefit of fans worldwide! :anjou_love:

Ads and referrals to other sites.

I wonder if publicity on the internet is enough to make a living.

It would depend upon the popularity of the site. If someone registered a really common domain like apples.com (just an example) and used it to list ads they could potentially make quite a lot of money just from people randomly stumbling across the site and viewing/clicking on the ads.

Of course not all sites are out there to make money, but if that is the website’s goal, then there are a number of ways that it can make money especially through advertising.