Now, I’ve never engaged in liasons with members of the fairer sex as of yet, but I must say that is perhaps the most appalling example of rejection I have ever heard of in my admittedly limited ken.

My commiserations to you. :anjou_sad:

At least you’ll be able to derive a faint measure of revenge as a consolation prize, when you confront her about it when you next meet - and watch her squirm.

She might even offer herself as an apology - which also gives you the liberty to make a choice: indulge in her, or still discard your relationship with her anyway and bask in the knowledge that you’ve made the filthy cheating whore of a tart feel utterly worthless and humiliated.

Every cloud has a silver lining!


Can I get a WTF?


On an almost completely unrelated note, try googling wtf flag and hit I’m feeling lucky, then scroll down the the bottom of the page. Whoda thunk it?

On topic: Ouch, that does indeed suck.

I would have kept yelling “AIDS! AIDS!” over and over if it were in earshot.[/quote]

I would’ve done thesame :anjou_happy:

Not to be overly dismissive here, but surely if she did that to you, she can’t be that serious about you?

I don’t know… so many people whom I have seen treat love and sex (which should be an extension of love, not something to be thrown around) as just minor things; falling in and out of love at the proverbial drop of a hat. For me, it’s not like that, although I am one to take things more seriously than a lot of people.

I just hope that love isn’t my downfall. :anjou_sad:

:anjou_wow: Well and truly owned!

You sure can. This whole week has been one long WTF moment… so this is something of an opportunity for me…


Sorry… but i did laugh at that

Maybe she was watching pr0n or something? =S
Other than that, you have 2 choices… forget about it… or plot revenge

Can you define the sound of sex? :smiley:

I’ve had a similar thing happening to me.I thought I was getting a lucky kiss that night (since we were getting along very well if you know what I mean) and I end up finding her with a guy in a remote corner of the disco we were at almost humping!It’s wasn’t exactly sex but it was damn close…(did i mention this was a very remote corner and that no one was completely sober?)…maybe they were just in phase one.

But yeah Shin that’s pretty surreal.

Low pitched grunts, high pitched moaning, a slapping sound and verbal vulgarity usually sums it up.

No, that’s shooting porn. XD

But I’d concider that a good thing, now you know what that girl is like, and you saved yourself a whole lot of trouble.

waves the WTF flag

That’s really, really amusing. Don’t think I’ve ever of something like that happening before! Talk about mean and uncaring… she could have at least hung up and said she’d call you back. What a slut, haha.


Sorry… but i did laugh at that[/quote]

yeah I have to admit it was quite humorous.

I think you should just accepted that your were owned, and never speak to her again…

She was the one who got owned imo.

did you ever consider the possibility that the person that came to the door was you from the future? who’s the whore now, whore!?

Mega, what the **** are you talking about? o_0

It all depends on wheter she meant to keep the phone on…

I think you dind’t get what Shadow meant.

No, I think he did.