This reminds me of IceMan2k’s numerous ‘comedy’ topics from SegaXtreme.

And that’s just sick! What a twisted psycopath! :anjou_wow:


Each little day provides me with one more reason to not persue healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

They had a Law and Order episode almost identical to that incident a couple years back, I never would have thought that it would occur in real life.

I hear you…

Have you never heard of Lorena Bobbit?

Not at all. Who is that?

You mean it does provide you with more reason to pursue healthy relationships witht he opposite sex right?

A person who (I thought) was fairly famous for performing a crime similar to the one above. Not sure exactly when it happened, but it was several years ago.

The only thing I know about Lorena Bobbit is that she chopped some guy’s dick off. I don’t know any more than that. Use Google to find out more.

I heard about this the day it happened, I’m special :anjou_love:

Even Lorena Bobbit has the common decency not to flush the thing down the crapper. Seriously.

I’m suprised he didn’t die of blood loss, like in I Spit On Your Grave.

That’s probably not as mentally damaging as this German guy who cut it off (in addition to his tounge) with garden shears and didn’t get it reattatched.

What?! :anjou_wow:

Now that somehow managed to be even sicker than the first story!

Cough What the hell’s this Cough