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Of course, what really needs to happen is every Playstation 3 in the world, including the prototype, blows up simulataneously.

The question is : does a console have any kind of obligation?Sure no console covers all fields but are they suposed to?I sure don’t think so.

I don’t label myself as an XBox fan but I do think it has most of the best games of this generation.I bought it for Panzer Dragoon Orta alone and eventually bought some other games.Apart from Sega GT 2002 (which came with the XBox;I’m not a racing fan) I liked all my purchases very much.

I’m not going to buy any of the next generation consoles until mid 2006 or so (assuming prices start to go down by then) unless a PD game comes out/is announced before.

Now, that’s a lot more in-depth than your shoe post! :anjou_happy:

On a more related note, I wish I could comment more here but I’m not really into gaming. I think that I might go for an XBox 2/360/Next/whatever-it’s-called, though - eventually. It’s mostly because I heard that it’ll be backward-compatible, allowing me to play Orta, and also because I’d like to get into gaming as well.

I am not leaning towards any console so far. I have to see what is shown at E3 and how revolutionary the next Nintendo console will be before any opinions are made yet.

The best we can hope for is that Microsoft balances the scales; one console nearly monopolising the industry is never in anyone’s best interests.

I won’t be buying any of the new consoles at launch anyway… unless Sega suddenly unveils a new Panzer Dragoon RPG.

All Sony will have to sell the PS3 to the world at first is the mere promise of the next installment in the Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy series etc. Will that be enough this time? Maybe. Needless to say, Microsoft has been preparing for the next console war for some time now; it should be interesing to see what they have planned for release…

I wonder what the ratio of casual to hardcore games will be for the next generation of consoles. I don’t think it would be wise to alienate either group.

I think that MS is planning to maintain the Xbox rather than let the Xbox 2 be it’s replacement.

Why do you say that? I know that Battlefield Modern Combat will be released on both Xbox and it’s next itteration. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/battlefieldmoderncombat/news_6118986.html But I highly doubt that Microsoft will support both consoles, they have had a hard enough time with one Xbox succeeding, I don’t think they will attempt to juggle two.

I think the next Xbox will launch winter of 05 like most think, and the current Xbox will be phased out over the course of the next 6 months after that, but Xbox Live support will continue forever.

Wow, the topic creator’s post is even more deep and detailed than some PD fanfics, and that’s saying a lot!

However, I disagree with your statement that the Xbox lacks “genre-busting” titles. I found games like Kingdom Under Fire, Breakdown, and Phantom Dust to be very original games that really don’t have any equals (except possibly Kessen to Kingdom Under Fire, although that game didn’t have any multiplayer). Even Chronicles of Riddick was fairly original as far as mechanics go, for a game everyone lables as a “first person shooter” it’s surprising that you spend maybe 1/4th of the game actually shooting people. Also, action-platformers are fairly weak on the system, but it still has a few decent ones like Voodoo Vince and the Oddworld games.

To be honest none of the consoles have impressed me this generation like the Dreamcast did, and since that console died prematurely it wasn’t able to live up to it’s full potential. However, I don’t think any console this generation has been particularly bad, although I’m not a huge fan of the Gamecube myself as it doesn’t have many games on it that really appeal to me (I bought mine pretty much just for the Resident Evil games). I’m not sure what direction the consoles will be taking in the next generation, but I have a feeling that the market is becoming oversaturated and there may be a dip or even a crash in videogames. But I’m pretty sure they’ll spring back, even today modding games is bigger than it’s ever been. I’ve seen user-created content that’s more enjoyable than full retail games, which is both a compliment to modding groups and a wake up call to some of these “developers” that put such little effort into their games.

Casual gamers aren’t quick to welcome original games anyway. They are more than content with their face-lifted clones.

Even games companies who are literally drowning in money won’t invest in original games. Where will that lead I wonder?

The apocalypse…