Crimson Dragon: Side Story music

I’m currently recording the music from Crimson Dragon: Side Story. Here’s a sample: …

Music by Saori Kobayashi. It’s too bad there isn’t an official soundtrack for this game.

I actually extracted the contents of the game… The music is in WMA format, so if you want I can upload it somewhere (so you don’t have to record it and have it in the best available quality).

That would be a great time saver. Thanks.

Added to the website: … side-story

Reminds me of Orta.

Thanks guys ! :anjou_love:

After listening to the OST, this game might as well be a Panzer Dragoon reboot…very nice!

Reminds me of Panzer Dragoon Orta’s music too.

I’m glad you guys got to enjoy it. The game itself is very Panzerish too. Probably about as Panzerish as Orta, but without the direct story references.

It sounds a bit less lively compared to Panzer Dragoon’s music but it definitely has the same tribal feel to it. I liked the maze music the best.

I think this music is outstanding, so a big thank you for ripping it. Hestrine is a phenomenal track, right up there with the best in the PD series IMO. Much of it feels between Orta and Azel.

What gets me is how big this soundtrack is. Does anyone think there will be any more music tracks when the actual Crimson Dragon is released for 360 (or its successor), or do you think this will be it?

I would be very surprised if the main game did not have its own soundtrack, and also quite disappointed? but mostly surprised! :stuck_out_tongue:

The music from the Crimson Dragon demo is from Side Story, so it’s likely that some of the music in the final game will be the same. This is probably because Crimson Dragon was going to come out first and some of it’s music was taken from the main game to be used in Side Story (rather than making up new music just for Side Story). Hopefully we’ll hear some new tracks in the main game as well.

It?s just good to hear more music from Saori Kobayashi. Unless I?m mistaken, she hasn?t released anything else in recent years. I?d love to be corrected on that! I still need to track down Eri Ito?s own releases, too; she has a great voice. However, I imagine there won?t be much of the exotic flavour of the PD tracks in her other songs, which is at least half of the charm. :stuck_out_tongue: But it?s worth a look regardless. Both are brilliant musicians.

P.S. Loading samples from PD games onto my new (old) Yamaha SY99 = win. This thing can play the exact instruments from the Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, N64, DX7, etc.! (With a bit of work?) I realise how much of its own distortion and lo-fi nature the MD conferred upon its instruments, though, when the same song played on the SY99 sounds too clean. :anjou_wow: Still, I?m happy to have a pristine signal path rather than enforced lo-fi.

Looking at her Wikipedia page, not much. Such a waste of talent really.

This is a real shame as she’s got quite a unique style. Just listed to her music on Shadowgate 64, and it’s distinctively here. I could see her easily composing music for many a medievil videogame.

EDIT: So, I decided to look up Eri Itoh on youtube, and look what I found (at least, I think it’s her)!

Based on the title, yep, that?ll be her: she?s not a member of FictionJunction, but that band do a lot of work with Yuki Kajiura, and so does Eri Ito: for (things I?ve never seen) Pandora Hearts, Tsubasa Chronicles, possibly more, and definitely this song as I recognise its name. I downloaded all the OSTs for those two amimes ages ago but will admit to never listening to any of it properly. From the few tracks I found on YouTube, it seems that a lot of it was choral/backing/atmospheric vocals rather than songs per se, but I may be wrong as I haven?t given the deserved time to it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, this song rules! What a voice indeed. I guess that?s why Disney picked her to be Japan?s Mulan, Bella, and possible more! Haha. I?d better go and find the info about her album(s) that Solo posted ages ago.

I’ve compiled some info about her here: … ia/eri-ito
If you find anything else of interest, let me know and I’ll add it. I’ll probably do an entry on Saori Kobayashi in the future too.

Oh man, that thread on the fansite for Yuki Kajiura led me to a really good song from a Japanese musical that Eri performed as a duet with a male singer (and eventually a big backing choir, dancers, etc.). Really great song, but no idea what it was.

And now, of course, I went back to watch it again, and it?s one of several videos from that playlist that have suddenly been deleted within the past couple of days. Giant sadface.

Does anyone here know enough about both Eri Ito and Japanese musicals that they might know the song I mean? No one happens to have downloaded any of these before?

Gah, silly people and their ability to delete their own uploads. D: I might never find another recording of the song, and my poor recollection of its tune is likely to disappear soon, too. :anjou_sad:

i’m playing : Zelda : the twilight princess, and i’ve notcied somtehing about one music.
In fact, before enter the Zora Temple, you must pass through a tube with a Dark Bird.

The music is stangely like the ost of panzer dragoon saga :anjou_love:

if you do find it, be sure to share with the rest of us. Sounds like it was a good song.