Could Skies of Arcadia 2 be in the works?

That ship’s helm in the top right corner is awfully suspicious…

I’m thinking Shining Force Gear (that SF game popping up in trademarks then disappearing) from the male character silhouette shown.

Yeah, with Al3x on this one. Looks SFy, or very generic RPG character design at least.

I just hope its on the PS3 or 360 . If its on the PSP/DS/Wii I’m not in the least interested

The two alternating silhouettes from the website.

And some random Shining Force art for comparison. I think similarities on the male are evident, but of course the artist could be employed for any other game also…

The girl on the other hand could be similar to Phantasy Star Online/Universe stuff, her design matches sci fi as well as fantasy so, who knows? Maybe they’re messing with us.

Whatever it is, I hope it’s for Wii :slight_smile:

those silhouettes are very unhelpfull, those look kinda like a million anime/manga game characetrs

It probably isn’t Skies of Arcadia 2. I was just trying to generate hope…

Now that you mention it Al3x, Shining Force makes more sense. The “wheel” is probably some sort of mechanism featured in the game, hence the name Shining Force Gear.

Why…why can’t we ever get a SOA 2? We deserve at least one more game… :anjou_sad:

Check out Nostalgia on DS, it doesn’t have the name but it seems to have the spirit. Well, despite being completely unrelated…

Damn, I was fooled I guess!

The website’s been updated with more silhouettes and it’s definitelly not Shining Force. It resembles Phantasy Star far more now…


Perhaps it’s something like Phantasy Star Portable 2, since I think it sold pretty good in the end, or a completely new IP…


To be honest it was been in the works since 2004 now lol. it’s skuduled for release right after GENOS comes out :anjou_happy:


yeah, some of the best games deserve them(though sometimes i worry about late sequels(like Nights)), i really wish they did a Rystar sequel T_T

Don’t get me started on Shenmue III.

Just… don’t.

Well, at least that game got a sequel. Wait a second…I guess it’s worse to leave something unfinished than to have another game…


It’s been revealed as Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP) in the latest Famitsu. Fuck.

Sega trolls the community with great success once more. Getting excited about Sega these days is basically masochism at its finest.

I mean another on of my favorite games: Legend of Legaia even got a sequel. It wasn’t as good as the first IMO, but this under the radar game/sleeper hit from 1998 even got a second chance in 2002!

With something as charming and unique as SOA, you’d think it would at least have one more game under it’s belt… :anjou_sigh: BY NOW!

Well, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that it simply didn’t sell nearly enough units to make any money. It was a charming, wonderful game that was released at the wrong time on the wrong console. Had it been on PS1 or even built from the ground-up on the PS2, it may have fared better. At least the team is paying homage in Valkyria Chronicles :stuck_out_tongue:

(I still think a slightly more serious-tone Skies, done in the Valkyria art style or even a more traditional FF art style would go over fairly well, but unfortunately JRPGs are simply in decline in general. Japanese developers can’t devote the same sort of resources as western RPG developers can, and their development knowhow has been quickly lagging behind for the last several years.)

Tell JRPGs are in decline to Dragon Quest IX and its currently 3,800,000 sales :stuck_out_tongue:

And pretty much to like half the DS library, hur hur.

If we’re talking Japan, what’s in decline is console gaming in general with portable systems taking the lion’s share of the market by far and away.

Then there’s all the Microsoft moneyhatting that made all those JRPGs go to 360 which limited the appeal of the PS3 platform and caused lesser sales for those games since the 360 doesn’t sell almost at all in Japan.

In the console front I’m thinking the genre will get a boost with the PS3 port of Tales of Vesperia (though the franchise never was a huge seller really), and of course when FFXIII finally hits. If that fails to work, then it’s up to the Wii’s Tales of Graces and Dragon Quest X I suppose. Otherwise, they’ll remain handheld, which isn’t a bad thing either.

As for dev know-how, they’re clearly catching up (even if it takes Western collaborations for a big part of this). Not to mention that all they lacked in, at one point, was just taking advantage of new technologies like physics and normal mapping and what not. They still generally made/make games with far less bugs and much more polished aspects in every way, including the actual content. Well, at least from where I’m standing, that’s what I see (and being primarily a PC gamer I certainly have no more love for Eastern titles).

Anyway, whoever wants JRPGs, get a DSi. Well, get one anyway, it’s the winner of the console war for this generation by far.