Come visit Juba's Bar, Have some drinks and hear some info!

Come visit Juba’s Corner: Information about the Panzer Dragoon World. You are thrown into the PD world yourself as you sample Juba’s various illuminated drinks. Be warned his drinks have many bad side affects!. After your drink you can ask Juba a question.Have Fun!! :anjou_happy:

Visit Juba’s Bar here

I don’t get it. It reminds me of Zork or a Choose Your Own Adventure book, only instead of going on an adventure, you’re not doing anything except becoming confused.

Hmm… well you’ve pasted some of the edited game script from onto a few pages, and added in a handful of images from Lagi’s site… when most people who’ve played PDS will have read through that script whilst playing the game itself, and anyone who hasn’t wouldn’t be helped a great deal by it, as it comes from the middle of the storyline… the only real reason to put it up on your site would be as a reference, but that script’s been up on in both an ordered form and as a part of the complete game script for a long time now…

Now I hate having to be negative, but I don’t see what makes those conversations with the bartender so “fun” that it was worth copying all that stuff onto your own site, just so that people could look at it again… I admit that some of the content I’ve made for is reasonably pointless, but I’m sure your time would have been better spent creating some genuinely new, useful or interesting content for your site…

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No, not again…

Just let the guy work on his site!!

Pretty mince, really.

yeah, after finding out what that means, i agree

[quote=“Ancient Weapon”]No, not again…
Just let the guy work on his site!![/quote]

once again… i am with Lance on this :anjou_sigh:

Well it may be pretty pointless and sure, some people may not like it and may have heard Jubas info before while playing the game, but everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. but I felt it put you into the PD world and gave you the impression of actually being in Juba’s Bar, trying out his various illuminated drinks and taking on the various bad side affects. I wanted to make something you could interact with. And just so everyone knows I have been given full permission from the art of panzer dragoon to use the art for my site.

Jesus H. Christ. Will you two just DROP IT.


Sorry I don’t mean to argue. :anjou_disappointment:

hahahah i just read that, now THAT is funny XD

and btw… i guess the interactive PD idea is ok… but I think playing the game is more in depth.

I might have given the wrong impression on this one, but I’m not just trying to be funny here or bash legaiaflame; these are really my honest opinions. Now I don’t think the idea of an interactive section like this is bad by any means, but I’m sure it could be so much more interesting if it didn’t just recycle existing content; so much of legaiaflame’s site seems to fall into this same category that I felt I should just be honest about it and post something.

For example, take the “characters” page on the site: the descriptions are just copied word-for-word out of the awful English instruction manual. Why not take a couple of minutes to write original descriptions? Or if the descriptions out of the manual are definitely going to be used, at least indicate that they’re not your own work.

Then on the “books” page, all the text is literally copied-and-pasted from The Panzer Place website, except the text for the Drone Report book, which is copied-and-pasted from Legaiaflame hasn’t even bothered changing the formatting or layout of the text from the two different sites, so his page looks inconsistent anyway, and the copy-pasting stands out like a sore thumb. And then legaiaflame has left in the descriptive text that Stephan Dolby (creator of The Panzer Place) added for Book 8 (the picture of the Tower): “Please look at the background of this page for a good idea of how the Tower looks”. That line doesn’t even make sense in the context of legaiaflame’s page, because there isn’t a picture of the Tower there; the only conclusion I can make is that he was too lazy to read through what he was copying, and that seriously doesn’t impress me.

Not only is it pretty cheeky to copy content from other sites without permission or credit, even if it is official content, but why bother doing it at all? A similar thing goes for the “Juba’s Bar” section, as I said above, and most of the other sections of the site as far as I can tell (the enemy information pages and so on)…

The whole impression I get is one of very little effort; the site successfully edits a bunch of existing content together without providing anything genuinely new or thought-provoking. The only really original section of the site that isn’t taken or recycled from another source seems to be the PDS review; but as people pointed out in the other thread, it really just outlines all of the game’s obvious strengths with barely an objective critique or a word about its shortcomings. The fact that the author didn’t bother to run this original content through a spellchecker doesn’t add to the atmosphere…

Now of course, a site like lagi’s (The Art of Panzer Dragoon) is ultimately an archive of official content too, but the difference there is that it’s content that mostly can’t be found elsewhere; it’s useful and interesting because of that. On the other hand, legaiaflame’s site isn’t providing anything that people haven’t already seen; much of it is just taken from other sites anyway. The site seems to exist for the sole purpose of drawing attention to itself, something that isn’t helped by the fact that legaiaflame starts a new forum topic for every single update; garnering attention hardly seems like a worthwhile reason to put a site together. I’m sorry if I sound harsh here, but I’m trying to be honest and I at least think these criticisms are justified…

Why do you have to be so negative? :anjou_sad: And you talk about how my site is just reused content from the game. I don’t know if you know this but my website is actually devoted to the game itself so I don’t see what the problem is with having sections that are included and taken from it. And you talk about my website and how I shouldn’t have done this or that. Why don’t you try making your own PDS site and see how many sections you can come up with. All I am saying is if you have nothing good to say why say anything at all.

In a way you are bashing me. And its pretty rude to pic out every little flaw from my site and exploit it here so everyone can see it.Nobody is perfect. And one other thing is it such a problem, when I complete something interesting on my site to post it here so everyone can see my hard work?

I’ve read many of these topics and seen your sight thoroughly legiaflame. But in the end Lance Way is correct, it really isn’t about how many sections one can come up with, it is the quality that counts. Put some real time and effort into your site so people will be pleased it is there. Hard work is not pressing Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V.

Just my thoughts.

[quote=“fmalinkevich”]I’ve read many of these topics and seen your sight thoroughly legiaflame. But in the end Lance Way is correct, it really isn’t about how many sections one can come up with, it is the quality that counts. Put some real time and effort into your site so people will be pleased it is there. Hard work is not pressing Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V.

Just my thoughts.[/quote]

Not just only your thoughts I’m afraid because I know I’d have to agree and a few others I suspect…

Legaiaflame, after you choose a drink, the picture of Juba is just plain scary :anjou_wow:

lol yeah he does look pretty scary.

I’ll try to clarify. Firstly, the official content on your site is largely “taken” from other sites in one form or another, not from “the game itself”; at the very least it’s already avaiable on other sites, so why bother putting it online again? Having official content isn’t a bad thing, but as I say, it’s more or less the entire basis of your site; there’s next to no commentary, discussion, or exploration of ideas. As all of that official content is readily available on other PD and gaming sites, what makes you think that people will be interested?

That’s exactly why I haven’t made my own PDS site; I know I couldn’t come up with enough new or interesting content to make a general site worthwhile. Sites like TWotA, The Art of Panzer, Panzer Dragoon Legacy, The Panzer Place, Arcie’s site (The Temple of Sestren) and so on and so on have already covered most aspects of the series brilliantly. If I think of creating a new page or article, I’ll just contribute it to an existing site, or if I was going to create my own site, I’d do a small site that focused on some area of content that no-one else had really explored before, rather than just regurgitating the same old information. (For example, lordcraymen mentioned a while ago that he was thinking of doing a site that focused on translating information from the Japanese games and guidebooks. That would be something new that wasn’t available elsewhere.)

No, I’m backing up my criticisms with reasoned arguments.

You think it’s “rude” that I’m pointing out how you’ve copied and pasted stuff from The Panzer Place and not even bothered to change the formatting? I don’t think I even need to comment on that…

I think this statement sums up the problem completely. If people have worthwhile and reasoned criticisms, you aren’t interested in hearing them; by your own definition, it seems that you’re only looking for praise and attention…

Even if my PDS site has nothing new. I just felt like making my own site anyway. All this bickering is just a waste of time. People make websites because they enjoy it and are passionate about it and a certain topic they are making the site on. I just copied the books to save time as if I wrote it all out word for word, it would just be ridiculous as the books themselves were all ready available to me. And sure I could change the format or fonts but that is just a trivial thing that isn’t that important as it all ready is in a suitable font (Helvetica). And most of my sites content can be found on other PD sites, but I felt the need to put it on my PDS site anyhow, with pictures illustrating each section.

That’s not true I respect everyone’s criticisms and that’s fine.
If people don’t like something they have the choice of not looking at it, its as simple as that. And please stop with the praise and attention thing. You are clearly exaggerating. Sure I may be looking for positive replies for the work I have done but I don’t need people to like and agree with everything I do. And sure I would want at least a few praises after getting such negative remarks.

I’m describing in detail what I think could be improved about your site. I fail to see how that is “bickering”.

Well someone else took the time to compile that script, and you didn’t bother asking either of the sites in question if you could use it on your own site, did you? Now Sega may ultimately own the copyright on this stuff, but it’s common courtesy to ask people if you can take things from their site and use it on your own, and to credit the people who originally put effort into compiling this stuff; both and The Panzer Place give credit to those who originally got that script online. Why don’t you, exactly?

The script you’ve pasted from The Panzer Place is laid out and numbered in a different way to the stuff you’ve pasted from If nothing else, it bluntly draws attention to the fact that you’ve grabbed content from other places without permission, credit, or any effort of your own whatsoever. If that’s “trivial”, fair enough.

But why?

Then why are you telling me to not voice my criticisms, exactly?

Am I really? I honestly don’t see any other explanation for your site; you’ve put a minimal amount of effort into editing a bunch of existing content, and you keep posting about it on this forum to draw people’s attention towards it. You admit that your site is essentially just content taken from other sources that can easily be found elsewhere, so if you don’t want attention, what do you want?

It certainly wasn’t a minimal effort to compile the content on my site. I worked very hard to make each section and it took many long hours of work and devotion thank you very much and I will give Panzer Place credit for the books section if its that much of a problem.