Ceeeerrrreeeebbbeeellllaaa... : Zombie Webcomic Fun

This is going to come across as a shameless plug, I know, but I honestly would value your input.

One of the ventures that I’ve embarked on since leaving TWotA is to start writing comic scripts - originally it was an exercise to instruct me in brevity ( :anjou_embarassed: ), but it’s something that I’m quite taken with now - pretty much all the fiction that I’ve written in the past year has been scriptwork. I’d like to make some money off of it at some point, but while I wait for Tharg the Mighty to give me feedback on my Future Shocks for 2000AD I’ve been contributing to a few webcomics for practise and to build up a portfolio. One of these is %between%Sonic the Comic Online (a continuation to the Egmont-Fleetway comic that ran in the UK over the Nineties), and my latest effort concerns one of the premier light-gun franchises and purveyor of vintage atrocious voice acting, House of the Dead.

With one Lisa Lee taking on the art [link to her DeviantArt page], I’ve started a comic based on the HotD universe. It’s my ambition to entwine the guns, guts and gore of a traditional zombie slaughterfest with a deeper storyline elevated above arcade-machine superficiality… but you can still read the dialogue to yourself in hammy voices if you want to. :anjou_happy:

This first instalment (STCO uploads comics in batches with ‘issues’ every couple of months, mimicking the style of the original anthology comic) is very much a scene-setter to clear away the backstory, but there’s action and intrigue in there still so I hope that it interests regardless.

The House of the Dead: Resurrection Men

Enjoy! Criticism is, as always, much appreciated.