Cannibals r us … ory=632444

For GM foods. AGAINST that.

Just read a little of that… still enough to make me say no no.

What are people thinking? Seriously! :anjou_sigh:

gives up trying to understand the world

Thank goodness a ban on genetically altered food exists in Belgium. XD (Or is that Europe period)

Smacks of Soylent Green. Would you like to supersize your DNA today?

I want to know what the gene actually does.
Most genetic modifications are just so huge companies can make more money, very rarely does it benefit people.

Read the article then, it explains nicely what it’s supposed to do and it actually sounds like a good idea to me. It’s not like they will make a plant produce meat or something or end up having a brain or other human traits lol…

It could end up a disaster of course since perhaps not all of the consequences are known but if it really is a 100% known ‘function’ then it does sound good to me. Excluding the case gone bad example the article writes in the end where a possible mutation could lead to other plants receiving the same traits and thus being tough to exterminate when needed. … &printer=1