Bye bye for sometime

So, well… until september :anjou_happy:

Diverte-te pah!

I?m also going to be absent for 2 weeks in Algarve, so well… until September

byes…sniff it won’t be the same without you sniff

Bye bye Gehn. Bye bye.


Just kiddin’ >.>

C ya

Have fun, Gehn.

See you, or more like talk to you later.

[quote=“Shadow”]Bye bye Gehn. Bye bye.



It looks (from your avatar) like I’m a bit late Gehn, but “bye” all the same.

Also, your tour of Europe seems to strategically avoid the UK. Good choice. :slight_smile:

I think someone is lying.

Meh, two weeks would barely be enough to see a sample of what one country has to offer though… Visiting all those different countries within that time is a tad extreme or atleast it seems like that to me… And he also avoids Greece, good choice again (for us, heh :P)!

I like living in England, but I think it makes a fairly dull holiday destination; most tourist attractions in England have equivalents in Europe that are more impressive / more dramatic / less grubby. And Gehn, ten countries in two weeks? That’s an average of 1.43 countries per day. :S That’s fast.

0.71 countries per day. There are more days than countries :slight_smile: 14 days vs 10 countries, 1.4 days per country.

I think atleast, I just woke up so feel free to ridicule me if I messed this up.

Ah, I actually misread Gehn’s post at first and thought he said one week, did the maths (10/7 = 1.43), wrote my post, realised while writing it that he’d said two weeks, forgot to re-do the maths because I got distracted by something, posted my post, and the rest is history. :slight_smile:

Im new so i don’t know who you are Gehpnaet, but have fun. :anjou_happy:

I’m back :anjou_happy:

You should get out more. But welcome back!

I’ve seen more babes than your limited eye range could ever grasp.You’d be amazed I assure you.

Oh and thanks :anjou_love:

I think he meant you need to get out more because you get so excited/proud just with seeing :wink:

“To see” can be such a misleading verb… :stuck_out_tongue: