Buying headphones

I’m planning to buy a good pair of headphones since I listen to alot of audio when I’m using my laptop but I have no sound system.

But I’m completely clueless as to what matters when headphones are concerned.
Are there 7.1/5.1 surround headphones (I have a lot of 5.1 audio material that I never really fully experienced)?

What are the brands that usually have the best headphones?What should I look for?

I want the best possible experience for home usage.Can you help me out?

hmmm well i assume you are after actually headphones? (i.e the big ones going over your head)
i don’t really know too much about these, as i only usually deal with earphones and canalphones and stuff…

but this site is great and full of audiophiles that know everything

in particular, this forum … &forumid=2

I got some really good headphones a few weeks back. They’re Technics RPF350, and anything I listen to sounds orgasmic through them. They’re not 5.1 or wireless, but I figured neither were really that important for me (5.1 through headphones doesn’t really work imo). Only downside is that they dont have an inline volume control, but that’s not such a big deal.

I have a pair of AKG studio monitors, absolutely comfortable and sound as good as you could want. They have almost no isolation, as in they let in outside sound, which I prefer anyway. Like any real studio equipment they can sound really dry but respond perfectly to whatever EQ you do to the signal. They can be found for US $100 or even less, at least that’s what I paid for them.