Beware of bats and robins

Batman and Robin fighting crime - in Whitley

Two mystery men dressed as Batman and Robin have been fighting crime and saving damsels in distress in a small English town.

The pair have been spotted springing into action a number of times in recent weeks on the streets of Whitley, near Reading.

The Reading Evening Post asked readers for news of the duo after they dealt with a pair of streakers at a local football cup final.

And the newspaper was besieged with calls from residents who claimed to have seen the ‘superheroes’ in action.

Michelle Kirby was stranded when her Peugeot 206 ran out of petrol on Easter Sunday - until Batman and Robin appeared out of nowhere and pushed her car to the nearest petrol station.

She said: "They just appeared. I saw them running down the road in Batman and Robin outfits - I was laughing so much.

"It was like a scene out of Only Fools and Horses and they stayed in character the whole time.

“They said, “I’m Batman, I’m Robin” and I said, “No, you’re not” and asked them if they were going to a fancy dress party but they said they were going back to Gotham City.”

Ray Cox, 61, spotted the caped crusaders at about 11.30am after doing his morning shopping.

“I said to my wife, it would make it a better and safer place with these men,” he said. “Batman was quite a broad chap. They would scare a few muggers off and I’d feel safer in Whitley.”

lol I read that news snippet in the Metro on the way to uni the other day, made me laugh :slight_smile:

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh Batman!! er, and Robin!!

I wish they were in my town :’(

… Sooner or later something similar will happen in my city. And it’ll probably involve the comic book obsessed guy in my first block class.

imagines fat guy running down the street dressed as Superman

… I feel scared now…

hmm… now there’s an idea…

I don’t like where you’re going with this Daz.

Hold on a sec, I’m just dressing up as ‘the blue ninja!’ to stop crime in my area.

sighs and puts on scarf and glues wings to an iguana

Hold up. The real Orta will fly over on her midget dragon and help.

Yay! a side-kick XD! Tho I may have to chop off your knees. The Side-kick is not allowed to be taller then the hero.

Blue Ninja and Orta.

Oh dear God what is the world coming to…

Sounds better than ‘Bat-man and Robin’ though, dontcha think? :smiley:

Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?