Batman Begins

I just saw this movie.I was anticipating ti for quite sometime.I hoped it would be a fresh and exciting new start for Batman as far as movies are concerned.

And I was right.This was by far the best Batman movie ever made in my opinion.It is darker and that’s part fo the reason it’s great.

Everyone in the cast was great (well there were some pretty big names there in the first place).Christian Bale is indeed adequate for the role.Even tho I like Michael Keaton a lot Christian Bale is more Batman.

So what did you guys think of it?Was anyone excited about the idea of finally seeing it like was?

This is the second Nolan movie I absolutely loved (after Memento);I’m excited about he beeing excited about the possibility of a sequel to Batman Begins :anjou_happy:

My friend keeps wanting to watch this… I don’t really like batman (eg the cartoon), will it be worth me watching it?

This is nothing like the cartoon.Even for one who doens’t like the Batman universe this is at least a good movie.At least I think I would enjoy the movie even not liking Batman that much,It’s hard to say.

I saw it the day it came out and I thought it was awesome as well. I believe this is a great foundation movie for a series or trilogy if they plan to do that. But in it’s own right the movie did everything it promised audiences, and for once I think the dialogue wasn’t a cheesy mess like some comic book adaptation.

I didn’t like it that much. I was expecting this to be “Batman done right”; the cold dark psychotic maniac. He shouldn’t have been compasionate or anything like that.

There are a bunch of other reasons I didn’t like it but that would just be nitpicking at the script and shoddily-done action sequences.

I didn’t like the new Batmobile, nor did I like the guy who played Ra’s Al Ghul. Not only did he mispronounce his own name (Raysh Al Ghoul is the correct way to say it), but the switch (you’ll know what I mean) was downright foolish. They should have said Ra’s used a Lazarus pit or something.

Dopefish:Batman’s personality is very different from comi to comic.I found this Batman quite balance.

Arcie:where exactly did you get that Raysh?The tv series aren’t really a solid base ofr such info.

From “Batman legends”, the collector’s comic that has been going in the UK for nearly 2 years.

Finally managed to see it today.

Great stuff, and, hopefully a great new beginning for the franchise.

Chris Nolan was a good choice for director, and he makes some really brave choices to place dialog driven scenes in the forefront of the film. This is a talking and thinking Batman movie…not an full blown action fest (though there’s that too, of course.)

There are some great PLOT TWISTS, some BEAUTIFUL city-scapes, an extra super-special moment at the very end of the film (WATCH FOR IT!!!), and a really great cast all-around.

I liked the way that Bale separates his Batman Persona from his Bruce Wayne persona, and I really felt that Gary Oldman was an amazing Sgt. Gordon, spot on.

I wasn’t TOO crazy about Michael Caine as Alfred…he’s great, but in everything he does, he’s just Michael Caine…not much range there. But, it hardly took away from the film. He’s still a cool actor despite his lack of range.

If I had to give it a numerical grade out of 10, I’d give it a high 8.

I’m not sure how the standard summer-film popcorn audience will like it though, it is REALLY REALLY dialog heavy…which is great…you really get to know the characters and inner workings of Gotham…but, we’ve seen how standard movie audiences react to films that have a lot of talking (Matrix Reloaded) where people are expecting a lot of action…