Away (sort of) for two weeks

Hi all, I’m taking a two week break from checking various Internet sites, starting tomorrow, so that I can focus on a couple of things and (theoretically) not get as distracted. That includes these forums.

If there’s any problems, Shadow is here to help, although he says you’ll need to offer him some worldly pleasures in return.

See you on the 13th.

In consideration of the fact that I may have a good idea of what’s been distracting you, as well as one of the things you don’t want to be distracted from

You have both my remorse and my blessing. :wink:

Basically, Solo is trying to beat the homoerotic urges for me that he is finding himself dogged by. I told him it can’t be done, but he’s a stubborn one.

And yes, virgins and alcohol shall be the currency I require.

Are man servants still used as currency these days?

*Lassoes Gehn

^ zomg it’s chuck!

internet breaks are great, cya around solo =D

I’m back.

Maybe I’ll try Scott’s approach and take a complete Internet break one day. Although in this case, both of the things that I was attempting to avoid distraction from are fairly Internet reliant, so it wouldn’t have been possible.

You know, I wonder if you would have written that, had it not been two whole weeks until I was able to read it. :stuck_out_tongue: