Yeah a spam-ish topic by me!
Just a place for people to try out their avatars and get opinions on them…
Let’s just not overdo it and change avatar every day or post a gazillion of pics asking people to help us chose eh?

Anyway, what do you think of my current avatar, I’m no artist and it shows, I made it by myself in MS Paint :slight_smile:
It’s transparent so thats why the forum’s color shows around it etc…

Do you people prefer this or was my previous avatar better? The one that was me “Matrixised” for those who don’t remember, I had made that one by myself as well…

PS: Even tho this appears like a kinda spam-ish topic it still is in the Holy District so keep that in mind when posting please :slight_smile:

[Added: thnx for paying attention to the last “PS”…sigh]

Cool Lagi! thumbs up

points to Aragorn

I like how his face is totally bright on one side and really dark on the other. Totally badass contrast effects! :slight_smile:

Yup, looks great :slight_smile: did ya make it yourself? It’s not Aragorn of the movie is it? I can’t tell cos of the sketch effects n stuff :slight_smile:
I used to not like him at all in the movie the first time I saw him but he’s pretty badass in the end, heh :slight_smile:

Lol, actually I just took the pic of him from the poster, grayed it, and contrasted it. I want that poster for my room real bad.

That’s actually pretty neat, Al3x.

I’ve had the heresy here as my avatar ever since the welt days, though for a short while on this forum I had a picture of ‘Link’ from Radiant Silvergun.
“Now that it’s done…
I’ve begun to see the reason why we are here.”

I think everyone on this forum has a decent avatar, which makes a change to some forums where you go and they have huge ass avatars which look like they were spurned from the wrong end of an ox. But anyway, I digress.

Alex: Did you draw that yourself? o.o If so my hat goes off to you, it musxt’ve taken ages x.x

TSE: You have Aragorn in your avatar. You rule.

Brandt: I always loved the colours and effect of the Heresy ^^

Whereas mine looks like a clit. According to Shadow anyway.

Man I was gonn asay something I shouldn’t…
And it wasn’t an insult to you Arc if that’s what you’re thiking…

Anyways I prefer PD related avies.

Gehn, at first glance, your avatar looks as if someone is charging into the front of a cow with a spear XD

My avatar was dead easy to make.

I cut out a figure of NiGHTS from some desktop wallpaper and made him multicoloured.

Looks good :slight_smile:


Actually Shadow, it took just a few minutes of MS Painting and then a trip over to photoshop to do the transparecy and that was it :slight_smile: It helps to draw stuff bigger (I had this 512x512 originally) and then reduce their size to make the final avatar :slight_smile:
What’s the rose for :slight_smile:

I have no idea what your avatar is Arcie…looks like something out of that Yugi On cartoon :stuck_out_tongue:

Psychedelic Ryb :stuck_out_tongue:

Always liked your avvie Brandt, I prefered your old nick as well tho! Change it back :stuck_out_tongue:

man if I do one more “face” my keyboard is gonna be stuck like that!

SharpEdge strikes!

Uh… I think its for certain happy British things of late… :wink:

Apparently, yes it is.

Ryb if my avatar looks like that then yours resembles Shadow on a party in the Blue Oister.

Yi-Gi-Oh, you mean. And yes, it is. It’s an artifact known as the Millenium Eye which allows the bearer to read thoughts, in case anyone was interested. I’ll probably change it soon.

Funny and not ENTIRELY related (but close enough) story about the continuing adventures of “Divine Heresy”, I wanted my Xbox Live moniker to be “Brandt” but to my complete astonishment, SOMEONE HAD ALREADY TAKEN IT! I mean what kind of idiot would want “Brandt” as their nickname? “You have been killed by Brandt.” Yeah, that’s really impressive. Wanker…
Anyway, since I couldn’t get the nice and simple name I wanted I did a 180 and resurrected the obtuse oxymoron, Divine Heresy.

Besides, I’ve got the mention in my sig. Doesn’t that count for anything?

And I’m SHOCKED I tell you, to find out I’m not the only one who had to do a double-take on Gehn’s avatar, seeing a cow upon first glance.

Last order of business, for those who can’t recall it, this is a full size picture of what my RS avatar looked like.

lol Gehn, wasn’t the Blue Oister a gay bar in Police Academy?

What are you trying to say?


Figure it out kiddo :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh? Gehn, what or whos that new avie of yours?

That’s Raziel from the Soul Reaver series. Welcome to the 21st century of video games, Sharpy!

Actually the character concept is from the past century :stuck_out_tongue: