Avatar Trouble


How the hell do you get the avatar to work. I put the exact link and it don’t come up.


I dunno.At least something should happen.What’s the link of the pic?

You got Geocities? If so, you gotta save and image as .txt.

You can’t link to a picture on your Hard Drive…

Well, it says offline. Never mind


I’m just glad I’m not the only person who had trouble with their avatar.

If you sent it to me, I could host it for you.

Thanks for youre suggestions. Iv’e worked it out now.

For any of you who are having trougle use google image search, find a pic you like and view it alone. Now copy the adress from your adress bar into the avatar link bar on your profile and there you have it.

Yep… Nice Avie. Lagi… nods

Hang on, with the exception of Shadow and myself, all of the avatars in this thread are larger than the maximum size limit (100x100)…

don’t worry Arcie, I’m switching mine to a smaller one.

Oh, and Gehn as well.

And Daz

Yup. It’s a picture of my inner demon.

Yeah, people, you need to keep your Avies to the minimum sizes.

To the maximum size you mean.


Maximum size is 100*100.

The minimum is 1*1