Assassin's Creed Origins



Hey guys,

I have played all AC games and like most of us, I have seen the franchise become the goose that lays the golden egg so to speak, for Ubisoft.
I think it is good that they took a break in the series, and from what I have seen, I am quite excited by the next game, coming end of this year.

I usually played all those games on PC but I will probably play this one on console for the first time since I ordered the PS4 pro lately !

Thoughts guys ? do you play this franchise ?


I love Assassins Creed. I’ve always thought it impressive how they maintained a consistent level of quality throughout the series, even if it did drop off slightly in the last three instalments.

I love Egyptian stuff and I’ve been excited for this game for a long time.


I thought it looked interesting but don’t care to spend $499 for an Xbox One X…


@legaiaflame I believe it’s coming to PS4 as well.

I never finished the original Assassin’s Creed, as I found it to be too repetitive. For this reason, and because I didn’t want to deal with Uplay, I didn’t play the sequels. Are the other sequels more diverse? The second one looked interesting, set in Venice, as does this one.


Guys, this is coming to PS4, XBOX AND PC of course.

No exclusivity.

I finished all games and yes in the 2 & 3 you could extend your influence on the city with shops, gangs… if I remember well. They introduced different concepts in each episode then. Blackflag was cool, colorful with sea battles.
But they fucked up a bit with the background story, the animus and real world…


Hmmm, I might be watching this. I miss Tenchu Stealth Assassins though. Anyone play the Tenchu series on Playstation one and PS2?


I’m really having fun in this game.

The photo mode is quite good, I like to make some compositions from time to time.

The numeric DOF/BOKEH can be improved but I guess that’s the problem with all numerical simulated DOF until today, it will get better just like in phones… we’ll see if it gets as good as lenses someday.

Here are a few shots I took:


Wow, some of these are just brilliant. What platform are you playing on, because (maybe its my imagination) they seem to be much better looking than my Xbox One.

I’ve spent almost 40 hours in it so far. I’ve done a huge amount of side quests, they have so much variety and never seem to get old.


I play on PS4 Pro.

Now, I am not sure how the photo mode works because when you take the photo, it takes quite some time to complete the task (longer than Horizon ZD for instance). I wonder if the game processes the file with different settings from the actual game.

I mean, the game is still beautiful when I play but maybe they tweaked the photo mode so that it shows the very best possible scene with all details but it’s not what you actually play? I am not sure because there is not a shocking difference anyway. Also, bare in mind I tweaked depth of field, filters, vignetting in most photos… so what you play is a bit different also.


You get the time played info from the game itself isn’t it? I really wish they’d include such info from a PS4 perspective like they do on the XBox, and on the Switch too.

I need to check how many hours I’ve already spent but I’m pretty sure I’m already beyond 50hrs. Doing a lot of side quests and taking my time on the main story. But lately I had to rush a bit to make the Trial of the Gods event before it ends. I was lvl 37 and they recommended lvl 40. It was a tough fight but I got the reward. Apparently, you will get an even more special item if you complete all trials of gods.
It’s pretty cool they run events like that. And the Animus excuse let them freely create any glitch they want as an event.


I was far too low a level to take on the trial. I’m 35 now, so I plan to just catch them second time around. I assume the trials will all be for level 40 characters or above.

But that’s fine, I’m having enough fun with the game as it is :anjou_happy: I’ve just returned to Alexandria after defeating all targets, and I’m heading up Herakleion to meet with Cleopatra again.


I’m guessing the game will probably require at least 100 hours to complete all side quests. I think I’m already 60 hours in!

And yes I suppose all trials will be recommended for lvl 40 although this is feasible maybe at lvl 35 already: if you know the pattern and tricks of the enemy and have upgraded your stuff especially with ‘health steal’ bonuses. At least it was the case with this one.


A few more pictures:


I hope the next game will have opened environment like this one but I fear it’s going to be hard to beat Ancient Egypt in terms of interest. The landscapes here are gorgeous.

I played all Assassin’s Creed and at some point, I became sick of every game, one of the reasons being too much city rooftop parkouring. One of the last cities you discover in ACO is a good example, we’ll see where the next game takes us. For a change, the story was way better than the last entries…


Ok, I will try to end there with sharing pictures but it’s just too good.
Here are a few images of the last batch with the legendary outfit (I usually take hood off but wanted to take one photo with hood on), tomb exploration, gladiator mode… You should now have a good overview of most situations in ACO:


I think it’s definitely one of the most beautiful games I’ve had the pleasure of playing. Even now I’ve finished it I just want to keep playing and see everything…


When hearing the Romans speak latin in this games, it reminds me of the Panzerese dialogue. :anjou_love:


It sure does look stunning from those screenshots. But does Origins improve on making the game feel less repetitive than past Assassin’s Creed titles?


For me it does yes. I have played all Assassin’s Creed games and in the last games prior to Origins, the only major change was only the place and time where the so called story took place.
Well there is major improvement here. So there will probably be a few side quest that looks similar but even not so much. Regarding the main story, I would say it is quite varied with quite a few “Wow” moments.
The gameplay is quite varied to satisfy different players.
Egypt is also perfect to go and explore some tombs. Now, it is still an open world with sub regions, and side quests but I didn’t feel the game was repetitive this time.

@Shadow did you also feel the slow mo archery skill was not really usable? I wish we could do nice jumps with this slow motion skill but I’ve tried and it doesn’t feel as feasible as in the Zelda BotW for instance. Hence, I never used it. But for an AC game, I wish they could improve this, it’d be perfect to be able to make nice jumps in slow mo…

One of the things I miss is platform trials like we’ve had in some AC, I quite liked them. And I thought we would have had some in pyramids, but we didn’t :confused:
Maybe that’s just me fantasizing on Indiana Jones heritage ^^


I think the repetitiveness was only majorly a problem in the first game, and a minor problem in AC2 / Brotherhood / Revelations, and not really evident after that. Origins benefits on there being just SO MUCH TO FREAKIN’ DO, and it’s all rather varied - I don’t think there was one mission where you had to follow anyone?? It’s definitely one of the stronger entries in the series in my book, 60+ hours in.

I haven’t actually gained the slow-mo-bow skill yet… because I looked at and I doubted how useful it would be. It’ll probably be the next one I unlock though so I’ll post back with an update after :stuck_out_tongue: