Assassin's Creed Origins



Just finished the game a few weeks ago! It was pretty good. There is nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when climbing and sliding down the pyramids of Giza!

I just recently went back and found all of the tombs and listened to all of the ancient recordings!


That’s one of the things I love about modern exploration games like this, and the new Tomb Raiders (and hopefully Uncharted when I play it) - just exploring and discovering new sights.


The first DLC for this is put, and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it. It’s not revolutionary, just additional. It’s nice to go back and have the opportunity to explore new areas in a game that is this fun.


I need to get my PS4 back to play this DLC, I loved the main game, spent probably 120 hors doing all quests.

The console is at my brother’s place and he just doesnt play it, don’t know how to tell him I need it back! There is this DLC, the Shadow of the Colossus I have never played, then there if God of War… quite a few games coming!

Anyway, how long is this DLC? Is the new region part of the main map/open world or you travel to it with a loading screen?


Just tell him there’s a new game you want to play!

It took me just over 10 hours to finish, that includes doing all the extra stuff I came across too, missions, outposts, lairs etc. It takes place on the Sinai peninsula away from mainland Egypt so yeah, there’s a loading screen between the two maps.


So I have my PS4 back and started the new DLC: the hidden ones. There is even DLC2: curse of the pharaons but I haven’t started this one yet.

I have spent so much time in the main story and really wanted to play those DLCs but having had a break, it seems to be a bit hard to get back at it. Seems I lost a bit the momentum and hype for it.

Has that ever happened to you? There was a game you really liked and you were excited to play the DLCs but when it finally comes, you seem to have lost some interest for it?


This can happen in open world games where your playtime exceeds 50 hours or more. Are you bored with the game? I know this happened to me with the Witcher 3. I was so sick of that game after playing it for 200 hours. It forced me to take a break from open world games and as a result I didn’t play Horizon Zero Dawn!

I don’t think I care much for “The Hidden Ones” but I am excited for “Curse of the Pharos”! That is whenever I get around to playing it…


Yea, it’s exactly that. After having spent so much time on open world games I liked, I find it hard to simply come back… you spent so much time mastering the games, you usually come back to extend this a bit but you are rarely surprised by the DLCs. They can be entertaining but that’s about it most times.
So maybe this perspective is getting me reluctant to actually start some DLCs when the time comes.
That happend for Zelda BotW, for XC2, now with ACO. Surprisingly, I was happy to start the HZD DLC.

I guess I will let some time pass… and try different games* until I am in the mood for those… Maybe I should cancel my pre order for Far Cry5 lol. I might be having an open world overdose…

'* I have played Batman Telltale series, a genre I had never played before but it was nice to vary my games.


I didn’t touch Trial of the Sword! It just felt like Demon Souls and wasn’t fun at all. Going through all that to die and start at the beginning, wasn’t worth it to me.

But, I did enjoy and complete the Champions Ballad dlc. Having those extra dungeons was awesome!