I would like to let you all know that some of my artwork is avaliable in:

Wow those are really good! Great work, I really like the Samurai with the sword the most.

It’s obvious you have some skill.You do realize you must do more PD artwork right? :slight_smile:

Wow, someone with talent that isn’t playing video games :anjou_wow:

Those are really good! Geez!

Gehn is right though…did I just say that?

EDIT: After seeing that Crayman pic! Man, excellent :anjou_happy: Keep up the great work!

Nice work indeed.

I really like the pictures you’ve done for this site so far as well.

That’s very nice stuff; all your work seems to be of a very high quality, both these images on DA and the ones you’ve contributed to I particularly liked that illustration of Craymen that you did a while ago, as you seemed to capture the feel of the character very well whilst still maintaining a unique style. (Here’s the link, for anyone unsure which image I mean: :anjou_happy:) … men_01.jpg

I’ve never seen the Crayman picture before, now that I’ve seen it I can only say that it is truly incredible.

Wow, nice stuff.

Of course, that’s roughly equivalent to my telling Michael Jordan he’s pretty good a basketball. But whatever.

Thanks a lot people.
Now I would like to ask you a favor. I?m out of ideas for a new illustration so: What?would you like to see in my next artwork of Panzer Dragoon?
Consider the only the saturn games and post your ideas : :anjou_happy:

The Dark dragon!
Or Paet!


[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]The Dark dragon!
Or Paet!


Oh yeah! That would be cool.

Or the Guardian Dragon… how cool is that thing?

These are obviously just suggestions. I haven’t really checked out your work yet, although the Craymen picture looked really good. Judging from the comments here though, the rest must be good too! :anjou_happy:

A picture of the big Dark Dragon would be quite cool.

Any more sugestions?

=]= No, you did not. And none of you saw it either. =]=

There’s a ton of other cool things you could draw about but those are my first choices.

Arcie : I know you love me already but I reckon other forum members are becoming jealous.Please stop.

wow thats a great style!
How about a landscape type picture? One of the Uru water ruins would look great hint hint make it wallpaper size =P


Oooh, I love the werewolf! That is so good!

My applause. (clap, clap, clap)

How about a Battleship Crusier?

Am I the only one who would love to see fan art for such a wonderful ship design?,…

Well I have made some, but they are blah…

This is getting interesting!
A few more sugestions and i start the new artwork, but i?ll anounce first the suggestion i?ve chosen.