Art of panzer dragoon

has anyone noticed that the site for the art of panzer dragoon is down?

I’ve saved most if not all of the Azel artwork onto my computer, but it would really suck if all of that amazing art just disappears from the internet forever. does anyone know what happened at all? :frowning:

also, the boards seem to have some problems, as well…? says “Site Temporarily Unavailable” so I would just assume it’s maintenance.
I’m pretty sure Solo said he was migrating the site to another server, which would explain why they forums were down for a bit.


Had problems or having problems? Nemoide is correct in that the site was migrated to a new server; this has now been completed.

Hopefully Lagi will have The Art of Panzer Dragoon up and running again soon.

I get a 404 error now.

Lagi and I are discussing a solution to this problem. Stay tuned.

This is good news.

Sounds great!

I’m really glad to hear that! I’ve been suffering a little from withdrawal…the concept art is so amazingly pretty. I will probably have to save 90%+ of the art on that site onto my hard drive once it gets back online.

thank you for your help!

Well, still no sign of Lagi, but hopefully he will be in touch soon.

In the meantime, there is an older version of The Art of Panzer Dragoon on the Internet Archive: … .com/lagi/

I believe it’s missing one update.

you are a lifesaver. thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Aye thanks greatly from me as well Solo!


I’m usually crazy anal about multiple back-ups, but somehow I can’t find the art of panzer on any drive. I still need to check out …

  • I have a few drives at work I will look at.
  • I have some disc archives that are deeply buried- I won’t be able to get to those for weeks.

But for now, I’m using that web archive myself!

I hope you find it Lagi, as that web archive seems to be missing an update. :anjou_sad:

If worst comes to the worst I have a backup from back 2003. Somewhat out of date, I know :frowning:


Thanks to everyone who pointed me to the web archive. I nearly had a little panic attack when I found the site was down. Was still able to draw the image… no ref though. D:

I saved most of the images onto a CD a few years back, I could possibly dig it up if need be.

I have most of the images saved on my hard drive, as well.

do you know when you probably last did it? It would be nice to just put that stuff on TWOTA if it is fairly current …

Most of the stuff I’ve saved has been within the last year. I’ve had this computer for a little over a year and saved all the images I have directly to this hard drive.

What are you looking for, specifically? I didn’t save everything, but I saved a fair amount. I mostly saved images I planned to use for reference to make more art.

We’re looking for the images that Lagi added in the update after the web archive was created. There’s one update missing from the web archive.

I can’t remember what the images were of though (Lagi, do you remember?).

Let me know what it is that you’re looking for, specifically, and if I have any of them, I’ll happily send them to you. :anjou_love: