Around The World In 80 Posts

Whilst chatting with a number of friends during a night out at the pub the other day, we started talking about different countries and places that we’ve visited in the past, and the things that we had experienced during those travels.

I thought it would make for an interesting thread subject. :anjou_happy:

The purpose of this thread isn’t simply to name the different countries that you have visited, but to elaborate on the things you remember from your time there.

Why you loved (or hated it) there.
The things that stood out in your mind the most.
If those travels changed you in some way, go into that.

Lets see how many countries we can visit in this thread. :anjou_happy:

France Paris -
Hated the people, to me the french are very Ignorant imo (sorry) but loved it as I went with the school. It was the 1st time me and most of my mates were had no trouble getting served Lager . Plus I also pulled a mighty fine Japanese women up in the EIFFEL TOWER for all of 30 Minutes :slight_smile: untill she found out my age . She was 25 and I was just 16 at the time so my dreams of going back to her hotel room were dashed .

USA Lake Tahoe/San Francisco -
My 1st time ever on a plan and we were on it for 14 hrs :). Brill hoilday nobody gives you a welcom like the Americans .
Funny think that happend to me, was that I was mistake for a Mexican by a stunning looking girl operating a ride in Paramount.
Basically I was wearing my Mexico football top had a goatee beard and I?ve got jet black hair, So she asked me what part of Mexico I was from
Only for me to replay by saying =my home town (which unless you?re Welsh you can?t say it) She looked at me blank , and my mates father had to explain to her that we were Welsh .

Also I had Sunburn out there. What me and my mates out by the pool all day (trying to pull these girls ) and not realising how hot it was .
For 3 days I could hardly move and sleeping or going to the toilet was a nightmare , had the shakes and all sorts .

USA- Florida . By far the best hoilday I’ve ever been on , Again you get the best welcome ever With even people working in bars telling us what we should do and where we should go. I hate all this Anti USA feelings as when you got out there you see how wonderfull the people are (shame they have that toss pot as a leader) .
Anyway Universal is where is at . Terminator 3D and Back To the Future are the best riders I’ve ever been on (I loved Muppets 3D too) The Food the best ever .The only bad parts is the USA drinking laws and how you need ID everywhere you go. And was Thrown out of some Disney park for giving my mates a taste of my cocktail and he was underage (so didn?t have a band) .

Also when you’re told to get out of the swiming pool inthe Florida do so. becasue if it wasn’t for our Hotel guard telling us to get out of the pool , I wouldn’t be here now. The biggest thunder storm I’ve ever seen and knocked the hotel out for a few min’s and the TV was never right afterwards .

Spain- Ibiza Well it great for getting drunk and pulling women like there’s no tomorrow but not much else.
Highlight swere the Club 18- 30 reps that made the tripe and also going to the distillery where all the drinks were free (even the Camel piss) Also I had 3 Cdentist chair done to me by the reps
After being challenged by a rep saying that she thought us Welsh could drink (that’s before we even got to the distillery) . Amazing after all that, was the fact that we went Go Kart racing straight after (pissed as farts).

Bad parts - Water was off for the night so we couldn’t have a bath before we went out (felt so dirty) and when you’ve been out drinking alnight one can imagine what the toliet was like (when you’re sharing with 4 mates) And never chat up a barmaid .
Did just that and she turned me down flat and my so called mates made me got to that place everyday afterwards. In the end one of my mates asked if I could stay on the Bull Ride thing for more than a minute would she go out with me . Well she said yes but I didn?t last more than 30 sec?s for my 3 attempts

Interesting topic, for me to do my travels though I’m going to end up with an entire 5000 word essay. So I’ll just skim over most of it and combine countries close together as one;

Africa (Mainly Zambia with side trips to Zaire (Now renamed the democratic republic of congo), Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa).

Likes; The animals, until you’ve been on a mini safari in an African game park you have no idea how small a scale everything in a zoo is. Try imaginging seeing 200 a hippos at a waterhole, a herd of 150 zebra going by or a herd of 20 elephants. The weather, I never got up close enough to equator to hit the areas with tropical rainforests so for half the year there is no rain and constant hot weather.

Dislikes; The weather, 6 months of no rain can get a bit much. Snakes, getting a spitting cobra sneaking into your house isn’t fun. The crime/poverty - doesn’t make it very safe to have money on you there.


Likes - Everything in London, The Tower of London, Big Ben etc are all very cool to see. The underground - nice to be able to get anywhere without cars so easy. Edinburgh Castle in scotland.

Dislikes - Prices, compared to other places I’ve been (especially with most countries exchange rates to the pound (this was pre euro)) made things seem quite expensive.


Likes - Hm can’t think of anything that stood out too much when I passed through, it didn’t help that time differences when I got in meant I basically went from midnight to 6am so I lost an entire nights sleep.

Dislikes - The food (I was a very fussy eater at the time so I didn’t lik having so many things I wasn’t used to.)


Likes - The airport, I don’t remember much as I was 6 when I went through but they had some crazy eletronic playground for kids. Don’t remember much about the city though as;

Dislikes - Way way too hot, spent most of the time there in the hotel hiding in airconditioned rooms. I was just glad the hotel had a pool.


Likes - One time I was there I did a tour of some old mine entrances and went on the world’s steepest cablecar in the blue mountains.

Dislikes - Grumpy guards at the airport that yelled at me for returning trollets people had left to the holders which automatically gave back 25cents for doing it (you had to pay $2 to get a lugage trolly - it was meant to encourage people to park them properly I guess. Don’t remember too much as I was 6 I think?)

USA (Georgia, Floridia)

Likes - The water park in Atlanta (I forget the name), going snorkling in Florida. All the various food places there, Steak n Shake, IHOP, the list goes on and on… Really bad for me though, I gained a lot of weight there…

Dislikes - Getting finger printed and profiled when going through customs. (and the $%^^%$ president, the people are lovely though I just don’t like the government.)

New Zealand - Not strictly a place that I visited but I may as well make this list mostly complete.

There are a few other places I’ve technically been to but not been in long enough to have an opinion of such as; Tahiti (Was there for 12 hours in two stops but never left the airport), California USA - again there for 17 hours but the friend who was going to show me about the city of San Francisco had to work so I ended up staying at the airport all day as I was afraid of getting lost and missing my next flight. (Plus I had all my luggage to hold onto.)

Wow looks like it’s only me and Team Andromeda that have travelled anywhere? I find that hard to believe :anjou_sad: I always find it interesting to hear about where people have been.

Well I spent 10 days in Sacramento with a friend of mine two years ago. He showed me a lot of very cool places but I went really more for the social aspect, which doesn’t lend itself well to sharing with others really.

That was the only holiday I have ever been on that doesn’t invlove a caravan park in Wales, which really sucks (still haven’t had a honeymoon/day trip to France/anything) at 24.

I’ve been to Scotland quite a few times to see relatives. That’s it though, so not very exciting xD

Canary Islands:

Bit of a tourist trap in places. We own a timeshare place there so my parents go very often, whilst I prefer to stay at home. Useful for holidays though.


I don’t remember much of it, but I’m sure it was nice.

Greece (Corfu):

Perhaps it’s just the area we were in, but Corfu was a cesspit. The hotel was a mess, everyone got kicked out the pool on July 14th so the French could use it to celebrate Bastille Day, and the holiday reps were useless. Oh, and the holiday club I was in, one of the older kids kept throwing me in the pool. Shit, basically.


A pleasant place, well worth a visit. Skip the Van Gogh music though; the paintings are nice, but the way they are laid out is really boring. Perhaps it’s better if you’re with people who appreciate art, unlike my parents.


I was only there for a few days. Lovely people, food is spectacular and there are some pretty unique tradesmen. Bad side? Stuff was quite expensive and the layout of the streets was sometimes confusing. I bought a wooden hedgehog; it’s so cool!


Somewhat of a unique trip since I was meeting a friend who I made through THIS VERY FORUM (including Die Welt; come on, the forum is like the son of Die Welt). Lovely place, everything is huge, people are random and Pismo Beach has the best ribs you’ve ever tasted. Going again this year. :anjou_love:


Everyone on the planet should see Disneyworld at least once. If you’re going to stay in a Disney hotel, make it Port Orleans. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven it’s so awesome.


Everyone on the planet should see Disneyworld at least once. If you’re going to stay in a Disney hotel, make it Port Orleans. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven it’s so awesome.[/quote]

Yeah thats one of the things I wish I’d had a chance to see while I was up there. Everybody alwys talks about disneyland. There is so much to see in the world though. I still would love to see the grand canyon, the pyramids in Egypt, and I’m sure there are a quite a few others I can’t think of right now. I’m all travelled out however, my plans don’t take me anywhere but a few hours drive from home for the next 5 years atleast. So one day perhaps, one day.

It should be on the NHS to get rid of Depression , its so good. The most amazing thing in Disney World is the SIZE OF THE CAR PARK :slight_smile: and also the Mexican women in Epcot .

Viva La Raza

Mauritius, family
France… to visit family from Mauritius…

thats all from me =(

Oh yeah, i currently live in England

Should Add I been to Weston-super-Mare (top laugh), London (far too dear), Blackpool ( I love it ) and Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is ace for a night out , been up there loads of times for the Rugby and New Year Eve Most of the Scots are great though some are prickheads (think they’re better than the Wesh Or English). Its a mega piss up there and a top laugh just again like London bloody dear .

Also in Blackpool I got so pissed one night I went for a wander and all the boys had to goin looking for me , they were looking for ages untill one mate said I bet he’s inthe Arcades .

A couple of Arcades latter the boy’s found me alseep on a VF 3 Machine :), and the next day all with massive hangover was playing G-Loc 360 . Which leads me on to when in Hamleys in London I went on G-Loc 360 and got the highest showdown the man Operating the machine had ever seen :).