Arcie, Neil

I noticed the ever popular Rune Lai is a girl conversation and was amused. :wink: I seem to get that on just about every message board I visit, including the one I run at the my own web site (now that was fun ^_^).

I’ve been mistaken for a guy rather often when I’m online, which is part of the reason I’m using an Azel avatar here. If I didn’t (and didn’t announce I was female in my very first post) I fear may have been taken for a rather well-mannered male who’s a little fond of using smilies. I’m not sure how that happens. Maybe I’m just not girly enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I resent the implication that we males are not ahem “well-mannered.”



I’ve encountered a number of male posters on other message boards, mainly Phantasy Star fans who’ve used the name Rune, or Rune Walsh. Associating the name with the actual character from Phantasy Star 4 is bound to happen (especially among Sega fans).

Dear lord, I have found my doppelganger.

Nice to see that we now have another lady in the house. You’ll get a huge amount of respect now. :slight_smile:

Arcie is fond of using smilies?

On Trillian, with certain people. Chicks dig the smilies.

I hear that.

yeah i get a lot of smiles from arcie blushes :slight_smile:

Oh yeaaaaaaah :slight_smile:

By the way, Rune Lai, I hadn’t quite mistaken you for a guy, I just didn’t know. I was neutral.

… You know, sadly enough, on other websites, people used to mistake me for a dude. My usual screen name on other sites is Wyld_Wolf, so I guess they figured me a dude.

So, Rune Lai, don’t feel left out of that… Even though it did take me a while to catch onto the fact you were a girl too.

Sorry, Bluefoot. :slight_smile: The well-mannered male part was a paraphrase from something someone else told me after arguing on my “behalf” to other people that I had to be a guy. He was rather surprised to find out he had it the wrong way around.

BTW, Neil, I figured you hadn’t made up your mind yet, but your response to Arcie was too good to avoid quoting. :wink: If I was a guy I’d probably be amused too. I’m just glad I didn’t wind up in a run off for both Fanciable Male and Fanciable Female. That would have been scary.

I am always mistaken for a male, even in gift arts, "To Atolm! Character copyright is to himself."
It is quite amusing when your fellow forum members find out you are a female. Sometimes they dont believe you either.

But it does get a bit annoying.

Just to let you know, no one voted for someone of the wrong sex for either of the two PDAA awards, so I think that at least 20 of us have a decent idea of who’s who =P

Or, we are extremely canny, and assume everyone is male until we know different.

Hee hee, just screwin’ with ya.

[quote=“Rune Lai”]
I’m just glad I didn’t wind up in a run off for both Fanciable Male and Fanciable Female. That would have been scary.[/quote]


DAMMIT! There goes my bets…j/k